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To take admission into engineering colleges, it is must to clear entrance exams. In India, as per government guidelines, engineering entrance exam is required before giving admission into engineering courses like B.Tech, Integrated Master, and Dual Degree programs. Every student who aims to have a successful career as an engineer wants to take admission in premier institutions like IITs. Entrance exams held for such institutions are very conceptual and only a few students with clear concepts can pass it. Are you among those who have an idea to clear the entrance exams? Whether you’re among them or not, this article will let know how to prepare for entrance exams and clear them in single attempt.

Engineering entrance exams

How to Crack an Engineering Entrance Exam?

1. Plan execution is important

Before any exam every student spend enough time to make a plan – how to clear it? But very few of them execute plan perfectly. A perfect plan and smart execution can be a key to success. Working hard means spending more time on those topics which you find tough during study and keep revision of those topic which are easy.

2. Keep concentrating on strengths

Weakness will not be a leaf to sail in flood for an ant. Everyone is born with a particular strength. More concentration on strengths may bring good luck while you prepare for engineering entrance exams. So you should first check for your strengths and keep them in your mind.

3. Limited reference books

Students search for every new guide/book to clear entrance exams. Every book of same subject have same things perhaps in different words. If you are referring through more than one book then a state of confusion may come up during revision. Preparing through fewer books will lead you towards more time for revision. More revision means clear concept in limited time.

4. Read the question twice

Entrance exam papers have many questions which have ability to trap your brain with confusing question or given options. It is important to read all questions cautiously or twice to understand them properly. Paper patterns have been changed, now a question have multiple answers so open your eyes for such question before marking tick or bubble the oval.

5. First attempt what you know

Before you start solving question paper first take the overview of it. And strategically look for what you can solve in lesser time. Leave difficult question for last time and first attempt what you know or can easily solve because every minute in examination hours is precious. Thus making exam strategy by giving five minutes may bring expected result.

6. Prepare your mind for exam hours

Most of the entrance exams have pre-decided examination time like 09:00 to 12:00 hours. So you should practice to make your mind fresh and active in this time slot. And you should practice to solve paper at the same time to train your mind to be proactive for that period.

7. Practice through mock tests

Practice sets or model papers are designed to give you brief idea about – where are you lacking? Before entrance exams, you should start practicing through mock tests. Score obtained may boost a new energy to your confidence. You should also prepare and practice previous year’s papers and compare your scores.

A number of educational institutions are offering online/offline mock tests for engineering entrance exams like IIT JEE Exam etc. With a little fee, you can give mock tests before the actual exam.

8. Prepare your own cheat-sheets and shortcuts

You better know – how can you learn easily? So try to prepare your own cheat sheets for quick revision of charts, equations, and formulae. Keep revising the cheat sheets and revision. This is everything that you are looking for engineering entrance exams.

In a nearby market, pre-made cheat sheets are also available which are prepared by experts. If you can’t create, you can buy to save time and energy.

9. Look for the wrong answer to a question

This method is known as a method of elimination. Sometimes you may be confident to eliminate two wrong option among four or five given options. It will help to get the right answer from rest two options. Hit and trial work here if you’re not sure for a right answer.

10. Stay fit and take rest

Engineering entrance exams like JEE Advanced have its importance but cracking an entrance exam is not everything. Good health also promises better future. So you should take care of your health in each aspect i.e. physical or mental. Routine of physical and mental exercise is compulsory. For a healthy mind, proper sleep is required.

Adjust your timetable as per schedule of your engineering entrance exam and bring good habits into your daily routine.

These tips seem really simple but important thing is to keep the following to get the final result. Do you like this article? – Please share it with your friends on social networks.


  1. I am at a stage when I am appearing for the various entrance exams. While looking for tips on the same, I came across this blog. It offers a number of expert tips on entrance exam preparation.

  2. Nice Tips ! everyone wants to crack the engineering entrance exam with good score. thanks for sharing useful tips with us. Tips are really helpful for the students who are preparing themselves for the exam. Thanks for sharing the content.

  3. Thanks for sharing useful tips. My Sister is preparing for engineering entrance exam. I will share these tips with her .


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