4 Effective Educational Tools for Modern Class Rooms

Thomas Edison, in the year 1925, stated that “books will soon be obsolete in schools. Scholars will soon be instructed through the eye”.  The modern-day technology has replaced the old school and primitive version of the classrooms. It will be very exciting to see what the future of learning holds for us, and what the classrooms of the future will be like. With the emergence of the wide range of vivid technologies, the least we can predict is that the schools will slowly start to adapt themselves accordingly, in the future days to come.

Effective educational tools for Interactive Classrooms

Effective Educational Tools for An Interactive Class

Books are slowly being replaced by PDF files, and projection screens are used in the place of chalk and duster. The teachers are now trying their best to provide the students with the best possible information by seeking aid from these modern-day technologies. And the students, on the other hand, are mesmerized by seeing their textbooks come live on the screens. It doesn’t matter if you are seasoned with the new tech classrooms or new to the idea, below are mentioned some of the most effective educational tools which can help you to get accustomed to the modern-day classroom:

1. Google Drive

Google drive is file storage service which is developed by Google and allows the users to store their respective files and documents in the cloud, synchronize, and share them across other devices. It comprises of MS-Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Students can easily note down information’s and text in their devices and share it with others. This makes the process of learning hassle-free as the students don’t need to make different copies for different subjects. They are just a click away from creating their presentations.

2. Edmodo

Like several other apps, Edmodo is another free learning platform for student, teachers, and parents. This app is more like Facebook; the only difference is that Edmodo is solely reserved for educational purposes. Like Facebook, it has a timeline where the students can post about their educational projects and interact with other students if they wish to. There’s also a library which can be used by the teachers and the students to store information’s and files and get back to them in the time of need. Along with that, the teachers can set up a quiz and multiple-choice questions. This helps the students to know the answers to various questions and allows the teachers to assess grades.

3. Screen Casting

This app is more like taking a screen-shot, only a more advanced version of it. Screen Casting allows you to take a picture of the computer screen and lets you add your voice to it. This allows the students to create an instructional video which helps them to revise a topic over and over again. The video also lets you create a specific writing style. So, you can keep on adding notes beside each picture and remember the important points. 

4. 3D Printing

3D printers are nowadays considered to be a must for all classrooms. It brings the pictures alive and gives it a touch of reality. Students benefit a lot by using 3D printers as it produces mini models which help to test out the engineering design principles. It helps the student to perfect their presentations together with CAD modeling software and allows the student to experiment regarding the designs in a short span of time with nominal expenses.

Final Thoughts

The future stores a lot for us and it can be said that education won’t be restricted within the walls of classrooms and schools. Learning will be practiced in a non-conventional way using the latest methods and possibilities like above educational tools. The students will be imparted with a vision of learning not as a task but as a condemnatory and delightful component of their life.

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