10 Sites to Edit a PDF Document Online for Free

Normally we use PDF documents because they can not be edited as easily as a file in Word format. You have to use the paid version of Adobe Acrobat to edit them. However, there are always some people who invent technology to do everything that seems impossible in principle. So that it is possible to edit a PDF document online for free.

If you have a PDF on hand and you want to edit its content, add a signature (ideal for when you have to return a signed document and you can not print or scan), write extra text or add an image, you should take a look at these 10 free websites.

Edit a PDF document online for free

All the tools that we present below work online, so you will not need to download any program. You will not have to pay either. Simply upload the document and edit what you have to edit. Nothing else.

Edit a PDF Document Online for Free

It’s actually very simple. Choose the tool you choose, all the websites that we propose below have a fairly simple and mechanical operation. You just have to upload the PDF document that you are interested in modifying and getting down to work with the edition.

It’s easy and fast. When you finish, you can download the document to your computer and save it with the name you want. From then on it will be yours to share.

edit a pdf document online for free

1. PDF2Go

It is one of the most complete tools we have tested. It is called PDF2Go and has a very aesthetic, minimalist and colorful design. What is this for? Well to identify each of the functions of this online PDF editing tool (and free).

To begin with, all you have to do is upload the document. Keep in mind that the loading time will depend on file size. Be patient and wait until the process is over. Then, you can easily edit to add text (by hand, through the mouse or a touch pointer), photos and doodles.

Remember that you can do the following tasks: edit, convert, compress, resize, delete, page, rotate and protect. When you finish, you will only have to download the file.


pdfzorro- edit pdf online

2. PDFzorro

To edit a document in PDFzorro, upload the document from your computer and follow the instructions. When you are ready, click on the Start PDF Editor button to start editing tasks.

You can select page by page and make all kinds of changes to the document: boxes, lines, selections, delete information, highlight it and even write. When finished, click on Save to download the document to your computer.



3. PDFescape

PDFescape is not such a beautiful tool in the aesthetic, but the truth is that it is equally useful. Drag and drop the document you want to edit the indicated box so that it loads. After a few seconds, the document will appear in the browser.

What we like most about this editor is that the images look directly large. The editing tools have a good size, so it is much more practical than others when it comes to working. You can draw freehand, insert images, delete data and even add links.


online pdf editor

4. Online PDF Editor

This is Online PDF Editor, another online editor that will come to you if you are looking for a practical tool to work with. You can upload files from your computer easily and you will see it all.

But note, this has an even more important advantage. He is able to read a text through OCR technology. Which means that you can edit the lines without any problem and without noticing the difference.

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In fact, the system will even recognize the font and the original font size to provide it. If you want to change it, you can.


pdfpro- best pdf editor online

5. PDF Pro

PDF Pro works identically to the other editors that we have already presented to you. This, however, presents a differential advantage: it saves a history of editions. Thus, you can access these documents for 24 hours: then they will be deleted forever.

Includes a converter to convert PDF to Word. In this way, if you are interested in editing directly in Word, you will also find it easy.


pdffiller- save time editing pdf online

6. PDFfiller

And we continue with another free online PDF editor. In this case, we have tried PDFfiller and we would also recommend it. You can upload a document from your computer, but also from the main cloud storage services. Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive are included here.

You choose the option for the file uploaded and can use different editing tools to add images, sign, text boxes, brands, etc. As a disadvantage, we would indicate that the load is a bit slower than in other editors. But it’s a useful tool.


pdf buddy- online pdf editor

7. PDF Buddy

To edit a document in PDF Buddy you just have to drag and drop the document to the box marked in gray. Uploading is practically instantaneous, especially if the document is not so large.

It allows us to edit the text in the exact formats, as well as make all kinds of additions. When finished, just give save to download the document back to the computer.


Formswift- Edit pdf documents

8. FormSwift

If you are looking for another light and free tool, FormSwift may be just what you are looking for. While the load can be a bit slower (especially if we compare it with the others, which are very fast), the operation is more than correct. You have to indicate, though, that the editing functions are more limited: you only have the basics.

The images are displayed at large and this is always appreciated. Especially when you want the program to identify the text and the source, with the aim of being able to edit. It includes a very practical signature function, which will come in handy whether you want to type your name or draw it by freehand.


ilovepdf- edit pdf online

9. I Love PDF

Let’s continue to the penultimate free online PDF editor that we would recommend. It’s “I Love PDF”, space from which you can do all kinds of paperwork with PDF documents. Thus, on the cover, you will see different icons to join, divide, compress, number, unlock and rotate.

You can also add watermarks and convert them to any file. Among the most popular are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and JPG. It will come in handy to put several documents in order and you do not want to opt for a payment program.


Nitro pdf to word converter

10. PDF To Word

To finish we want to recommend another online program that will be useful for your daily work. It’s PDF To Word, a very simple free tool to convert PDF files directly to Word.

If all you are looking for is to be able to edit PDF documents through Word, with this you will have it very easy. All you have to do is load the document and that’s it. When you finish, download the file and continue working normally.



It is possible to edit a pdf document online for free with paying anything. With the use of these websites, you can take advantage of editing pdfs from your computer screen.

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