E-Commerce Shopping: What to Expect in 2018


If there’s one thing that has grown at rapid bullet pace, it has got to be the eCommerce industry. Not only has it revolutionized shopping, banking and everything else under the sun, it has also made life easy peasy! But running an e-commerce store isn’t a child’s play. With the trends dynamic as ever, they often keep changing and upgrading and if one must stay in the market, they must constantly up update themselves. With the market abuzz with cut-throat competition and innovation, the bar for your products/services has been set pretty high! There are many eCommerce stores right from the key ones like Paytm, Flipkart, Jabong to small players like StalkBuyLove, FernsNPetals and more. So, while you’re busy filling your cart and shopping endlessly, we list out the eCommerce shopping trends to expect this year. So, read on!

eCommerce Shopping Trends in 2018

The App way!

Ecommerce Shopping - The app wayToday, almost every person has a smartphone and with a smartphone, come tonnes of apps. You’re probably using one right now. And the e-commerce has made excellent use of this. The apps are not only easy to download and use but also time-saving. They can be navigated easily thanks to their simplistic design and interface.

Unbelievable sales!

Flash sales, end-of-year sales, clearance stocks and whatnot. The delights never seem to end and with facilities like free shipping and easy returns/exchange policies, even a non-shopper will turn into a shopaholic! There’s always more to come in that arena. So, get ready to be surprised further this year!

Several platforms

Ecommerce Shopping - Multichannel marketingDesktops and laptops are passe. Online eCommerce shopping has steadily spread its wings and today, it’s not restricted to just a singular channel. From phones to tablets to phablets! When technology is evolving at such a rapid pace, the market too gears up to keep up with the game. With E-commerce generating some noteworthy income, you got to tap all the possible options and they’re doing it about right!

Customization on a whole new level

Although everything is already automated, 2016 only gets better. Customized options, discounts tailored especially for you, shopping carts sending in subtle reminders of the products which you’ve saved, pop up options of similar products on different websites and many more such services which facilitate your shopping.

Other perks

There was a time when ordering grocery online would have met with several speculations and raised eyebrows. But thanks to the hectic lifestyle today, groceries are not only delivered within an hour but are of excellent quality or you know you can always dial up and ask for a refund or exchange and they’ll happily oblige. Also, shipping has improved by leaps and bounds. It’s much faster, sometimes, on the very same day and you can even set your convenient time and expect a delivery then. All this free of cost! Now, that’s what we are talking about.



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