Drag and Drop Your Way to an Outstanding Design with Ease

Building your website sounds difficult if you’ve never done it. But these days, it’s anyone’s game. Is it really better to do it yourself with a drag and drop website builder, or would you see better returns from employing a website developer? Here are just a few reasons why handling it yourself wins out.

Drag and Drop Website Builder

Drag and drop website design

1. Convenience

Once you’ve found the best website creator, it’s all about your schedule. Do you need something updated right away? Do you see a typo that you want to be fixed in the next two minutes? You can make it happen if you’re in charge of your site.

While many professionals do their best to make timely changes, they’re still on their own schedule. And chances are, they have multiple clients to keep happy. Even the most patient among us know the urgency of updating a website.

And if you hire someone who misses deadlines, you’re faced with either dealing with it and accepting their untimeliness or firing them. From there, you’ll have to find someone else who will keep it up. With a drag and drop website builder, this is never an issue. You can log in any time and make it happen. 

2. Cost

Let’s get back to those little changes you need to be made on the fly. The fact is, each one is going to cost you. These fees for updates are on top of the hundreds, potentially thousands, you sank into just getting the site established.

It’s easy to stray into four-figure territory annually when employing a web developer. But if you use a service that makes it easy for anyone to use, you can save up to 90%. Most website creators only charge a flat, low monthly fee in the $20 or less range.

It must be said that designers can build features and make changes to templates that are very specific. In that case, it might seem worth the money, but building a website that needs to be maintained by a professional is an investment you can’t renege on. Will you still want to be paying that rate in a year or two? 

3. Connection

When hiring a web pro, you’ll have to trust them with your audience. Understandably, many have their doubts. The best person to engage with your audience is you. It’s you, your brand, your services, your product that they’re after. Naturally, you’re the best one to present it.

Think about it: a web designer is a middleman for your vision. You have to explain it to them, make sure they’re on the same page, and then entrust them with getting that across. When you’re in charge of your site, it’s just you and your audience. You share what you want, on your own time, and that builds stronger bonds.

Of course, there are advantages to hiring a professional as well. But many people end up outsourcing only because they doubt their abilities. If that’s the case with you, it’s time to put your finger on the pulse and discover what fantastic new features user-friendly, cost-effective website builders are coming up with.


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