How Defragmenting Your Computer Can Speed It Up?


Defragmenting your computer is a routine housekeeping chore that is similar to straightening up your office. Files that you were too busy to store in their proper place are strewn around, and papers that belong to them may have gotten lost in the shuffle. Trying to find a file that you need in a hurry is almost impossible, and it results in a frustrating waste of time. The only way to improve the unsightly mess is to organize your office by putting everything in proper order. Cleaning up your computer’s hard drive is the electronic equivalent of organizing your office.


Organizing Your Computer’s Storage Area

The ease of saving a file disguises the complexity of what your computer does to make it possible. Software utility programs are designed to systematically examine and organize your computer’s hard drive. Streamlining file storage makes your computer run faster and more efficiently.

In the process of cleaning up, utility software identifies files that are fragmented, an indication that pieces of data that are supposed to reside in the same place are not doing so. Deleting a file creates an open space that is usually filled by an unrelated document, complicating the search that your computer must perform. To produce the complete file on demand, your computer has to search its entire hard drive to find all the pieces.

The defragmenting software identifies files that are contiguous as well, and they are the ones that your computer finds easily and rapidly in a search. Defragmentation software has little work to do when it finds contiguous files, so it moves along to examine the rest of the contents on your hard drive. Files that are unmovable are those that your computer needs for performing its functions, and defragmentation software usually leave them alone. One of the best functions of organizing a hard drive is finding and expanding free space. When a program is running, it graphically displays the space that is free along with the areas that are filled with fragmented, contiguous or unmovable files.

Identifying the Need for Defragmenting

When it takes longer than usual to find a file, your computer is struggling to find pieces of data that are in multiple locations. Frequent use usually requires you to defragment your computer more often than if you use it infrequently. Software programs that straighten up your hard drive assess the need to defragment and indicate that it is not necessary in some cases.

When you download a defragmentation software program onto your computer, you can use it whenever your computer is not performing at maximum capacity. A Speedy response is probably one of the most valuable aspects of your computer. Using it to create documents, access the Internet, send or receive email and instant messages, play games or watch videos can create an extremely disorganized mess on your hard drive. Taking care and defragmenting your computer’s hard drive can make using it a pleasure again.


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