How to Use Wondershare PDF Creator for Mac?

PDF files are popular file types, but why do you need to use them over Microsoft office files? It is because it can present documents in a manner that is independent of application software, operating systems, and hardware.

Besides, it is also much secured. It is better to use quality PDF files than other Microsoft Office file formats. Wondershare PDF Creator for Mac helps you to convert Microsoft Office documents into a secured PDF format without stress.

Wondershare PDF Creator for Mac

How to Use Wondershare PDF Creator for Mac

What makes this tool great? Let us see some key functions.

Top Features

Full Support for Microsoft Office Files

We all know that Microsoft office has different formats. For example, a Microsoft Word document can have a DOC or DOCX format, while PowerPoint can have a PPT or PPTX format.

The good thing is that Wondershare PDF Creator for Mac supports all these formats. You can convert any of these formats into a PDF file, whether it is the old or new formats. You can convert Word to PDF on Mac using this.

Time-Saving Batch PDF Creator

Do you want to save your time when doing this office to PDF conversions? PDF creator for Mac is designed to save your precious time by allowing you to create multiple quality PDF files from multiple Microsoft office documents at the same time. Just add all the files you want at the same time and make your PDF file, it is that easy.

Produce Cutting Edge Output

It is important to understand that any PDF file created by this wonderful tool is of the highest quality. First of all, PDF creator for Mac is designed with the ISO PDF standards, so its output will work with any third-party editor, converter, and PDF reader. Note that the conversion does not in any way alter the formats. It retains the format of the source document, and that is one of the reasons why it is so highly regarded.

Apart from all these listed above, Wondershare PDF creator for Mac commands so many other impressive features that give it the edge over other similar tools. For example,

Pros of Wondershare PDF Creator

  • It is easy to Use: It is important to note that this tool is as easy as A-B-C. Why is this so? It is so because it comes with a very user-friendly and highly intuitive interface. Once you install it on your Mac, you can start using it.
  • No File Limit: You can upload an unlimited number of files, and it will still work, and this is just to your advantage.
  • Every PDF produced here is high quality both from the old and new Microsoft office documents
  • Compatible with Mac: No errors, no hanging, etc.
  • High reliability is what you get if you need clarification, the after-sales service is there to help you through.

Do you still have an excuse not to convert those office documents to PDF? The answer should surely be NO!

How to Use Wondershare PDF Creator for Mac?

1. Download the application form website

2. Install the application on your Mac

Install Wondershare PDF creator for Mac

3. Open the application wizard

4. Drag or select the MS Office files to create PDFs

Create pdf files
Create pdf files with Wondershare PDF Creator for Mac

5. Click on the “Create” button. The conversion process will finish within seconds.

6. It saves Created PDFs in the “Downloads” folder

That’s all. I hope it will be easy to use Wondershare PDF Creator for Mac.

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