How to Create Screencasts with Annotations?


AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro is a handy screen capture tool that fulfills various demands on recording computer screen i.e. screencast along with sound, webcam, annotations and more. It also provides a quick workaround for you to snapshot screen and edit resulted images in real time. On the intuitive interface provided by this tool, you only need to make a few clicks to get what you want.

Create Screencast with Annotations

Main Features

Do you need to create a tutorial with narration for demonstrating a trick on the desktop? Do you want to record an ongoing live stream on the web for watching later? Or do you just need to record the video calls with friends on Skype? Now you could find a one-stop solution in AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro. It provides flexible capture modes for different occasions:

  • Entire Screen/Specific Region: suitable for general needs on recording screen
  • Around Mouse: suitable for making tutorials especially those include concrete operations
  • Webcam: include webcam into recording and suitable for handling video conversations
  • Audio only: applicable for recording streaming audio, radio station, narration, etc.

Starter interface

Moreover, there’s a recording bar carries editing options when you’re performing screencast, enabling you to highlight, annotate and add texts onto the screen. These options will utterly help to make your video more demonstrative with parts emphasized by you. And if you prefer, you could also hide the toolbar during recording and use the keyboard to control over the progress (start, pause, publish). Such feature of an editing screen in real time can hardly be found in similar tools.

Record in real time

Users who need to record an ongoing event on the screen can also utilize the scheduler function. This component empowers you to plan the screen recording at a chosen time point in future. And if it’s needed, you can also perform regular tasks on repetitive working days. For instance, activate screencasts every Monday, etc. This feature is surprisingly beneficial for users who need to monitor the data change on the dashboard, record a missing live show on the web, record a webinar that she/he is not able to attend, or just any prospective events on a computer screen.

Extra Features

As a versatile tool, Screen Grabber Pro provides extra functions so as to present a comprehensive solution for you. There’s a screenshot menu on its interface, giving you the ability to snapshot anything on your screen while you could either drag a region or go for full-screen. Whenever a snapshot is confirmed, you can access the options on two toolbars around the corner of it:

  • Editing Functions: apply texts, highlights, lines, shapes and more to the screenshot.
  • Sharing Functions and Others: save the screenshot in multiple image formats, send it to the printer, deliver it to a social network or send via email.

Make Snapshot

Further, the software has advanced settings for you to customize the screen capture, giving more flexibility in making screenshots/screencast. For example, you could include cursor into capture, adjust the volume of sound that comes with a screencast, set hotkeys which are convenient for you to handle, etc.

Pros of Software

  • A nice combination of screencast and screenshot with flexible capture modes.
  • Capable of recording system sound, webcam along with screencast.
  • Real-time screen editor for annotating videos during recording.
  • Essential video editor for tweaking your videos after recording.
  • Built-in video converter for saving your recorded video among multiple media formats.
  • Built-in scheduler for recording screen in an automatic way.
  • Supports audio-only recording, hotkeys, video output settings, etc.

Record Audio

Cons of Software

  • Some users may look for advanced video editing functions which are not available in this tool so far.
  • The screenshot function comes a bit too simple.
  • The video/audio settings are a bit complicated and need some time to figure out.

System Requirements

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Recommended Hard Disk Space: 200 MB
Recommended System Memory: 2GB

AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro (Win) is now available to download from this link, the publisher provides full tech-support for all users on a timely basis. And if you’re looking for Mac version, you could also find it on the official product page as given at the beginning of this article.


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