Awesome Apps for PC and Mac to Create Your Own Music


Garageband is an awesome app which was developed by Apple under the supervision of Dr. Gerhard Lengeling to create music or podcasts. One of the amazing apps for PC is there which let you create your own and best music effectively. In today’s world people are day by day getting addicted to smartphones, tablets which consist of OS X as their operating system but the now the Windows user can also easily download this amazing app on their PC. Garageband holds the astounding set of features which makes the app worthwhile to use it. The variety of sound effects, musical instruments, drum studio etc like features makes it different and superb app. Let us see the features of this app:

Music apps

Create Music On Your PC & Mac

1. Guitar Features and Music Lessons

Garageband app consists of the distinct tracks of guitar from where you can use a variety of effects, amplifiers etc. With this feature, you can edit or create the different music. Also, this app provides you the music lessons which help the user to create their own audio recordings. The music lessons are of 2 types one is basic lessons and the other is artist lessons. The basic lessons are totally free but to attain the artist lessons it is paid.

2. MIDI editing and Virtual Software Instruments

MIDI editing and Virtual Instruments

This app can easily import MIDI files through which it offers notation style editing as well as playback. With this app, we can also play the audio files with the help of using software instruments as well. Moreover, it also comprises of a huge selection of realistic and sampled instruments which makes the user create the awesome original like compositions easily.

3. Audio Recording

The benefit of this feature is that you can play and record multiple audio tracks. It also consists of tuning system which includes that the pitch correction and certain effects which the user can use it to create their own amazing audio file.

4. Third Party Instruments and Apple Loop Packages

Garageband for PC app comprises of third-party instruments and especially Apple loop packages are designed for just GarageBand users. With the help of this amazing feature, one can create his own video with lots of variations accordingly.

5. Multitrack Source Files

Multitrack files

With this feature, the user can have multiple track source files to get experiments with the audio file. It makes the user get to experiment with the music to mix them and record the songs. With this special functionality, one can create, mix and record the audio files.

Therefore, with this awesome functionality and features, the GarageBand app has gained millions of users. So, enjoy this app by mixing the audio files, creating your own files and recording it. Yes, you can create music. Thanks for reading and if you still have any queries, do comment in the below section.


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