How Can You Convert PowerPoint to Google Slides?

Today, people are working more differently. Instead of working alone, there are more and more chances to interact and cooperate with others. Especially when you are in a company, you always need to collaborate with your colleagues for completing a project. Also, COVID-19 drives companies to work online. So instead of using PowerPoint to work alone at home, people are more likely to use Google Slides for editing a group project online.

So this review will teach you two ways to turn your completed PowerPoint into Google Slides with Google Drive. Then you can move the document to Google Slides and then continue editing it with your group members together online. Here’s our guide on how to convert a PowerPoint presentation to Google Slides without hassle.

Convert PowerPoint to Google Slides

Convert PowerPoint to Google Slides Using Google Drive

For people who need to convert a complete PowerPoint to Google Slides, you need to follow the steps below to complete the conversion. It would not be difficult as you only need to import the whole PowerPoint directly. Let’s see the detailed steps.

Step 1. You need to open Google Drive in your browser at first. After login, your Google Drive account, click the “New” button in the top left corner of the page. Then from the menu, you should choose “File Upload”.

Google Drive New File upload

Step 2. Now you can choose the PowerPoint that has been stored on your computer for adding to Google Drive. After selecting and importing, the PowerPoint document will appear in the file list of Google Drive.

Google Drive Uploads Complete

Step 3. Find the uploaded PowerPoint document in the list, and then right-click the file. Now you should select the “Open with” and then the “Google Slides” option.

Google Drive Open with Google Slides

Step 4. When your PowerPoint file is open online in Google Slides, you are about to complete the conversion. The final step here is to go to “File” on the top right corner of the Google Slides page, and then choose the “Save as Google Slides” option from its menu. Then your PowerPoint document can be uploaded to an online platform and then saved to Google Slides.

Google Drive Save as Google Slides

Convert PPT to Google Slides Using Google Docs

Some people may not want to convert a whole PowerPoint to Google Slides, but just want several slides of it. For you, this is the way to convert selected PowerPoint slides to Google Slides.

Step 1. Open Google Docs in your web browser. When you log in to your Google account, click the top-right menu icon to select “Slides”.

Google Docs Slides

Step 2. Now you need to open a blank Google Slides at first. So just click the “Blank” option to open it.

Google Docs Slides Blank

Step 3. In this new file, you should move to “File” in the menu bar, and then choose the “Import Slides” option from the menu provided. Then you are allowed to select the PowerPoint on your computer for uploading to Google Slides, i.e., import PowerPoint to Google Slides.

Google Docs File Import Slides

Step 4. Now, directly select the slides you’d like to convert to Google Slides. After your selection, they can be uploaded and then converted to Google Slides for online editing.

Google Docs Convert to Google Slides

Some people may have saved their PPT documents in PDF format for better presenting to others on a report day. But if you want to convert the PDF back to PPT and then upload it to Google Slides for online editing with others again, then you can use some online tools such as PDF to PPT converter for help. Such a converter would be really easy to use.

In Conclusion

Collaborating online has been becoming a trend, especially when the need of working from home is rising. Moving a sole PowerPoint document from desktop to Google Slides can enable better teamwork and it is convenient with such ways to turn PowerPoint into an online Google Slides. Even when the coronavirus ends and our lives become normal again, online collaboration may still be continued in both workplaces and schools. So learning such document conversion skills would be helpful to your future career.

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