What to Consider Before Buying Your First Fridge When Moving Out?

You might think that you can walk through the store and pick a fridge or your first fridge, that may be your first fridge; that looks good and has enough space to store your food, but it’s not as simple as it seems. Selecting an appliance is very much a complicated process and requires diligence on your part.

Buying a home appliance is an investment. Make sure you invest in the right fridge.

Buying your first fridge isn’t simple, read what to consider

Keep scrolling, and take a look at our list so that you can make an informed decision:

The types of fridges

Not all fridges are created equal. You need to do a little research before you go to the store to make sure you are buying the appliance that fits your needs. We have done that for you already you’re welcome.

type of fridges

There are four basic models of fridges you will find on the market:

  • Side by side refrigerators: These have two doors that open outwards. One side is the fridge, and the other one is the freezer.
  • French door: These have either two, three, or even four doors (known as door-in-door models) that open outwards, with a freezer on the bottom.
  • Freezer on top: These more traditional models have the refrigeration part placed below while the fridge is on top.
  • Freezer on bottom: The freezer is below the fridge.

What fits your space

Before you decide on your first fridge, take your measuring tape out and measure the space available. Consider the dimensions of the area where your future fridge will be located. While choosing the fridge, notice the height and width of the refrigerator. Considering these units, you will find out whether the selected fridge will fit or not. Keep in mind to leave a few inches of space behind and above where the refrigerator will be placed to allow for air circulation. Don’t forget the size and direction of your doorway; which side you will like to open the fridge door and allow adequate space for doing so.

What matches your lifestyle

The fridge you are going to buy needs to fulfill your needs.

  • Bigger families can go for a model that can afford maximum storage; a door-in-door model with three compartments that has bottom freezer would be the best to buy.
  • Singles or newly-weds, on the other hand, can manage with a conventional top-freezer model.
  • If you have an ailment or back problems, the top-freezer model or double-door model will suit you as it doesn’t require much bending.

Your food habits

Consider how you prepare food. What types of food you eat most will help you decide what model of fridge you need.

  • If you eat frozen dinners a lot, you will benefit from a freezer with maximum space. Go for a big bottom-freezer model or a double-door style as one-half is the freezer.
  • If you drink milk or juices a lot, buy a fridge with versatile shelf sizes so that beverages with different heights can be placed accordingly.

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Your cleaning habits

Consider your cleaning preferences while buying a fridge. Refrigerators have two types of shelves wire shelves and smooth shelves.

  • It is easier and less time-consuming to clean the smooth plastic or glass shelves.
  • The wire shelves demand a little more detailed cleaning.

You probably want the exterior of your fridge to look clean at all times. Don’t go for a stainless-steel model if you don’t like smudges. Instead, select a model with a smudge-free and shiny exterior.

Buying your first fridge isn't easy

Make it easier

You may forget where you place that special yogurt or bag of grapes, and there’s nothing more annoying than having to take everything out to find it. Fridges are now available with more than one compartment. Some models even have changeable drawers and can be adjusted to variable temperatures. These types of models allow you to put away food in a more organized way, meaning you’ll spend much less time searching for your favorite foods.

Water and ice dispenser

Only side-by-side fridges used to have this feature. Now, almost every design has an ice and cold water dispenser. You can’t deny the usefulness and convenience this feature offer. If your family likes to have ice and water often, you may go for a model offering this feature. However, the purchase price tends to be a bit higher for models with this feature; so be sure if it’s something that you need.

Hi-tech options

If you are a music or TV lover and you don’t get enough time, you would probably enjoy listening to music or the news while you cook. Technology has now made this possible! Fridges nowadays contain features like Bluetooth and MP3 players meaning that you can now literally play songs while you cook.

Financial considerations

No one likes empty pockets. You must know the limits your budget provides before you go to the store. Don’t buy an expensive and hi-tech model unless you genuinely need it and can afford it.

Don’t you feel like a professional Appliance Reviewer now? Consider all the options available to you, don’t get bewildered with all the sizes and features, and choose wisely. Enjoy your new fridge!

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