How to Configure the Salesforce Live Agent Stress Free?


Live agent refers to a native Salesforce tool which offers the ability to communicate interactively with website users. After you have successfully deployed a live agent, you shall be able to effortlessly communicate with your site visitors live. You can save all the information you collect during a chat to your Salesforce instance. With Salesforce live agent, you can obtain real-time valuable user feedback and offer much-needed service to anyone navigating your website.

Contacting is the first step towards getting started with Live Agent. A Live Agent attracts an additional cost. It is available for Enterprise and Performance editions of Service Cloud.

Salesforce Live Agent

Where Do You Start?

After enabling Live Agent for your org, you shall be able to easily view a number of Live Agent options at the start-up menu. Go to Setup > Build > Customize > Live Agent.

Important Note: If you have enabled the Salesforce Live Agent, these options shall not be listed.

Create User Skills

The maiden step towards implementing Salesforce Live Agent is setting up skills for users. The skills allow you to tag people that shall be chatting with website visitors. For your subject area experts, there is utmost need to have as many skills as possible. For instance, you might have a software expert and hardware specialist. By making excellent use of user skills, you can certainly route appropriate questions to the right place quickly. Ensure you do not overcomplicate user skills with many options.

Create a Salesforce Live Agent Button

After creating user skills, the step that follows is creating a new button. With the button, you can effortlessly connect the user skills needed for users that click on the button. Some of the other settings at the button level include:

  • Language
  • Auto-greeting
  • Routing type
  • Custom agent names
  • Pre- or post-chat forms
  • Button images

To be on the safe side, it is important to carefully review the Invitations area and Chat Buttons of the setup menu. This is because these options normally control how buttons work on your website. It means that the whole out-of-the-box button configurations available from the platform are located here.

Customize the Salesforce Live Agent Configuration

In this stage of setup, you have to customize the internal company employee setup. This is the area that controls everything employees look at from inside a service. The same disclaimer about improvements is true for this setup area as well. Because the entire native out of a box configuration is located at this point, it is prudent to review this step carefully. Inquire during your buying consultation if you discover a feature that you think is necessary, but it is not listed here. This is because it might need custom APEX for implementation purposes.

Configure Your Deployments

For your visitors to save chat transcript, you need deployment settings to enable you to set permission, permit domains and specify branding. The deployment code used on a web page is usually located here upon saving.


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