4 Features to Look for in A Company Communication App


You can come up with the best plans and strategies to make your company grow, but those won’t matter much if your people can’t communicate properly. A company communication app gives you and your staff a more accessible means of communication, but with so many similar apps today, finding the right one for you can be difficult.

Communication app

Company Communication App Features

To help you find the right internal communication tool, you need to look for the right features. Here are the key features that you should look for when choosing a company communication app.

Easy and Immediate Communication

There are some times when you need to relay information to people as soon as possible. Unfortunately, sending messages thru email might not be fast enough to notify someone of urgent matters, while SMS greatly limits the amount of information you can relay.

Getting a communication app with real-time messaging and file-sharing features don’t just update people instantly; it also helps make sure that you’re only sending the messages to people that are supposed to see them. No need to worry about sending sensitive info to other people in your contacts list by mistake!

Organized Contact Groups

Employee management list can be a pain if your communication tool doesn’t have a personalized group feature. Need people in a certain department updated? With the right app, you can send messages to that just that specific team. There’s no need for you to sift through every single person in your contacts list, and they don’t have to worry about searching for group-specific messages in a sea of general messages.

You also have to understand that certain departments have their own culture or way of communication. For example, some departments may prefer to have meetings at the end of the day, while others prefer to start the day with a huddle to keep everyone on the team up to speed. By personalizing your updates according to the department, you’re able to minimize disruptions and encourage better employee engagement.

File Sharing and Streaming

Sometimes, relaying info through short messages simply won’t cut it. This is especially true when demonstrating new products or showing figures during evaluations. You’d also want everyone to have a copy of what took place during your last big meeting. For that, you’d need an internal communication tool with file sharing and streaming features.

These two features benefit your company in two ways: It makes it possible to relay more accurate information, especially when demonstrating content to non-desktop employees, and it helps avoid information loss by allowing concerned members to keep a backup of the files without having to rely on more data storage.

Statistical Tools

The best way to see how to further improve your company’s efficiency is by taking a look at the numbers. For instance, you can set up polls to gather your employee’s opinions or track key performance indicators to see where you need to step up your efforts. Every bit of information helps you increase your company’s potential.

What’s a good communication app if it’s not properly utilized? With a usage analytics feature, you can also keep track of how well your employees utilize the app itself. This can be a great way to pinpoint which areas of your communication need improvement.

Final Words

A good company communication app can do a lot more than these key features, but making sure your chosen app has at least these four essentials will help in narrowing down the list to options that your company can truly benefit from.


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