Many people who attend their local medical center are potentially suffering from nerve damage related ailments such as carpal tunnel and ulnar neuropathy. Traditionally, this has meant that EMG tests have to be carried out elsewhere, to obtain an effective diagnosis. This just prolongs the amount of time before treatment can commence, and increases the potential stress for patients. CloudEMG enables doctors to conduct EMG tests and analyze data in-house. This greatly improves the patient experience.

Cloud EMG Machine

Centers that invest in the CloudEMG machine have all the equipment delivered to their premises. The relevant medical professionals then receive training on how to use the machine for diagnosis. Even after the training is completed, the medical team have ongoing support from CloudEMG should they require it. It’s a revolutionary step in the treatment of neuropathic ailments.

Why is it worth investing in a CloudEMG machine?

If you’re running a medical center you haven’t just got the care of patients on your mind; you’re concerned about budgets too. Whether we like it or not everything costs, even, or some may say especially good health care. You can’t afford to invest in anything that doesn’t make good practical and financial sense.

The EMG system from CloudEMG has been produced by experts and is used by thousands of physicians to perform EMGs and nerve conductions. There is a selection of plans available for every size of practice so you don’t end up paying for more than you actually need. All of the plans include an EMG machine and laptop, full expert training, a personalized dashboard, customizable reports and ongoing expert support.

There’s also a money back guarantee which you shouldn’t need, but it’s there for peace of mind. When you consider that you will be enabling an improved and quicker service for a good number of your patients, at a cost that’s tailored for your needs, provided by experts in the field, it seems like the CloudEMG machine is a good investment.

How will use the CloudEMG machine affect treatment of patients?

Any doctor wants to provide the best possible care for patients, within budget. Using the Cloud EMG machine helps to achieve this. There are many treatments for peripheral neuropathy, all of which have different degrees of success in different patients. Like any illness or condition, the sooner correct diagnosis is achieved, the sooner treatment options can be discussed and treatment can begin.

This is the major benefit of the CloudEMG machine. It removes the need for patients to be referred elsewhere for tests and enables doctors to conduct tests and analysis on site. This reduces the amount of time taken to diagnose and means treatment can start at the soonest possible opportunity. This, in turn, means that the patient either experiences relief from the condition or can move on to another form of treatment if the first is unsuccessful.


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