8 Reasons Why Cloud-based SaaS HR Software is Trending


This article will throw light on why it is the need of the hour to rip out that legacy HR system and move your payroll and human resource operations to the cloud. Read further to discover the potential of having a cloud-based SaaS HR software.

As cloud has revolutionized and taken businesses by a storm all across the globe, it is time that start-ups and small businesses embrace this innovative technology to automate, pace up and simplify operations of critical business departments one of which is the human resources department.

Cloud is no more a thing for the bigger players only, as being highly budget-friendly, it has become a hot favorite among SMEs and start-ups. SaaS and cloud-based HR software is one such cost-efficient and agile HR solution that helps manage employees in a more effective manner, curb costs and improve overall workforce efficiency thus, fetching substantial benefits for the employer.
SaaS HR Software

Here are 8 reasons why SaaS and cloud-based HRMS software is so trending today.

1. Save time

Bid goodbye to surfing through complex Excel spreadsheets, manual attendance, and sticky notes. This is because cloud-based HCM software with its amazing automation functionality simplifies a range of HR tasks whilst reducing admin tasks significantly and improving productivity and efficiency.

2. Cost-saving

Since SaaS-based HR software comes with budget-friendly subscription models to choose from, it is very light on your pockets. Most importantly, you don’t have to invest in costly hardware, software or other set-up peripherals. In addition, no need to employ additional IT personnel to keep the system up and running seamlessly. Maintenance, updates, and firewall are managed by the vendor.

3. Instant set up

Since there isn’t any kind of on-premise installation, getting started with a SaaS and cloud-based payroll software is much simpler. The vendor would simply provide you with log in details to get you going. Assistance with tools and support to get started is also an instant thing.

4. Always up-to-date

Vendors of SaaS-based HR software rollout updates and features on a regular basis. Plus, getting these updates and features is not a hassle as well since everything is being triggered by the vendor’s servers saving a great deal of time for your IT staff. Deployment of new features is much faster compared to those of on-premise solutions.

5. Central repository for all your HR data

One of the most prominent reasons for SaaS and cloud-based HR software’s immense popularity among SMEs and start-ups is that it offers a unified and single repository for all HR data giving a comprehensive view of all the activities. Retrieving key HR or payroll information is no more a daunting task. Bid goodbye to duplicate entries and redundancies as well.

6. Compliance made easy!

Instant access to key HR data when you need it plays a pivotal role in making informed and strategic decisions. Be it a change in employment or labor law or new tax return policy for employees, you get all of these at your fingertips.

7. Business intelligence and reporting

Today, easy and real-time access to crucial HR data is of paramount importance to help businesses stay ahead of the curve. Business intelligence and insightful reporting offered by SaaS-based payroll solution help you make informed and sound business decisions on the go.

8. Reduced downtime

Since SaaS solutions are hosted on secure, multi-tenant and state-of-the-art cloud platforms thus, reducing downtime to a significant extent.

Final Verdict:

So now that you are aware of these top reasons as for why SaaS and cloud-based HR software is so trending among small businesses and start-ups, it’s time you move your HR operations to the cloud if you are yet to.

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  1. Really great points.
    Thanks for sharing it.
    Cloud-based software saves the time and cost and gives a better result. So it’s time to move your HR operations to the cloud if you are yet to.


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