Cloud Backup Robot – Best Reliable Backup Solution For Your Databases


Backing up one’s computer or system is crucial in the case under certain circumstances you lost your databases. There is a lot of computer backup software out there. But not all the backup services are equally created. A good quality backup service is a must for your system in order to keep all the important files and information safe as possible.

Cloud Backup Robot is one of the best and easily usable backup solutions for SQL Server backup program. This backup software can manage backup without intervening the services of SQL server. The software moreover supports backups for Azure database and enhances the software scalability.

Cloud Backup Robot

Cloud Backup Robot for Your Data

See some of the reviews why Cloud Backup Robot is the best choice for your windows backup solutions-

Easy to use

The installation and configuration process of this software is easy and can easily be used. It is very simple and also straightforward without any complexity. The backup is done right away in some seconds or a min. All you have to do is select the databases you want to back up and also the location of their destination.

Great features

  • This Cloud Backup software provides you with many cool features. It is compatible with various cloud storage services like Google Drive, Amazon S3, Box, Dropbox, and OneDrive.
  • Another useful feature of this Backup Software is its wizard-based functioning which provides service helps to a newbie by using some standard wizard. It also provides the restoring feature in which you can set up exactly the way before you backed up your SQL databases, files, and folders.
  • The Cloud Backup Robot also work as a flexible scheduler. The folders, files, and the SQL server databases automatically backups itself. You ought to enter the frequency of the copies you like to make and also specify the particular files. There is also an option for encryption of that information you would like to encrypt.

Competitive Pricing

As compared to the amazing features the Cloud Backup Robot provides, the software is rather competitively priced. Their service offers three different licenses, each of which has its own features list. You can also test out the program first through its free trial version provided for 14 days. The different licenses are-

  • Lite – The Lite license is for $29.95.
  • Standard – It can be bought for $59.95.
  • Professional – This license is available for $179.95. This professional package also provides unlimited free software updates.

Why Cloud Backup Robot?

Cloud Backup Robot will erase all your worries about losing files and folders and also the SQL server databases if something happened to your system. Rest assured knowing that all your data is stored safely in the cloud under any circumstances. You will be able to assess your files and databases even if you lost your computer or damage.

The Cloud Backup Robot is highly advanced, rich in feature, and easy to use. It is compatible software which is safe, secure, highly reliable, as well as economical. This software is highly recommended for you if you want your data protected and efficiently backed up without any hindrance.

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