Advertising is considered to be a crucial aspect by many businesses for their growth and expansion. This industry had witnessed a heavy growth over the past decade. Business firms must go for the advertising of their products and assets in order to prosper. Online advertising is one such types of advertisement that has gained a lot of popularity. The reason behind the immense popularity of online advertising is that it helps business firms to reach out a broader audience all over the world. There are a number of companies that offer ads services to businesses to reach wider audiences throughout the globe. is one such ad network company that can serve your purpose. Here are few more things that you must know about Clickadu. The Introduction is an online platform for advertising. It offers quality services and many other tools to individuals who are in publishing and advertising jobs. It allows them to expand their business by getting huge traffic or making money through the clicks. Clickadu utilizes the best ad server technology in order to help advertisers reach a wider audience and enable publishers to make a good amount. Clickadu is useful for both advertisers as well as the publishers.

Clickadu premium ad network

Why Advertisers Should Choose Clickadu Ad Network?

There are numerous reasons that will definitely attract advertisers to fall for Clickadu. Some of these are listed here:

  • High Quality Services and Tool: Clickadu utilizes top quality ad server technology in order to help advertisers reach maximum audience. This will surely help advertisers expand their business and achieve milestones. Clickadu is undoubtedly one of the best ad servers with a widespread network in more than 240 countries.
  • Easy Sign Up: If being an advertiser you are willing to advertise on the publisher network of Clickadu, then you are required to sign up with Clickadu using its sign up form. Once you sign up, an account manager will contact you with whom you can discuss your queries and how to proceed with them.
  • Easy Promotion: Clickadu publisher website allows you to easily promote you products. There is no limit on the promotion of products however, you will have to make sure that the terms and policies of Clickadu are not violated. Promotion of links containing viruses is restricted by Clickadu. In case any of the advertiser’s website is found to be malicious then the funds in the account can be utilized in order to solve issues suffered by the site.
  • Payment Methods: There are various methods for payment that can be put to use for adding money to your account. Payments can be easily made via Payoneer, PayPal and various other payment options as well. You can begin with your advertising campaign after you have made the deposits. You will not be able to post ads any longer once the money in your account is over. Therefore, do make sure that you timely fill up your account before the money in it gets over.
  • Minimal Budget: If you want to start with your advertising campaign then the minimum amount that you will be needing is 1000$. Remember the more you spend more the number of audiences you can reach.
  • Advertising Amount Control: Clickadu also enables you to manage and control your daily expenditure on advertising. Thus, you can plan you budget easily and spend accordingly.
  • Specific Ad Targeting: Clickadu allows you to choose websites on which you want to post your ads due to its widespread network. This will make sure that the targeted audiences are able to see your ads.
  • Monitor Cheating Behavior: Much of the Clickadu’s funds have been invested in an anti fraud system that helps in detecting fraud clicks on the ads posted by you on the publisher site. So, you need not worry about any fraudulent activity happening with your ads.

Why Publishers Should Choose Clickadu?

Clickadu is not just for advertisers but publishers can also make use of the extensive ad network of Clickadu.

  • No Restriction on Website Type: It offers support to different types of websites including micro sites, casino sites, blogs, adult websites and many more. However, it doesn’t accept any illegal website and fraud clicks attempt.
  • Different Ad Formats: It majorly aims on pop up and clickunders ads, however, ads inside the content can be served as well. If you are a publisher then you will have to add your website to the Clickadu’s publisher panel. It offers a JavaScript code that must be published on your website. Once you paste the code on your site, it will be validated. You can also paste unlimited ads.
  • Finding Advertisers: It makes use of substantial digital footprints in order to search advertisers for your website from all over the world. According to the language and region the advertisers are channeled. This makes sure that suitable ads are seen by suitable persons.
  • Analysis System: It has got a top notched analysis system. You can easily track the earnings and clicks through the dashboard once you log into your account.

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  • Payments: In order to get funds transferred in your account, you must collect a sum of minimum 100$. Once you reach the minimum amount in your account, funds will be transferred to you via wire transfer, Paxum, WebMoney, e-payments, Payoneer and PayPal. The best thing is that you can receive the payments twice a month. In some cases weekly payments can also be transferred.

Benefits of Clickadu for Advertisers

  • It offers a smart optimization system for supporting higher conversion.
  • Advertisers can get help in optimal targeting.
  • It provides dedicated account managers which helps in managing middle and large sized clients.
  • It has got an Automatic campaign optimization.
  • It enables serving add on both desktop and mobile channels.

Benefits of Clickadu for Publishers

  • Clickadu offers high eCPM rates in more than 240 countries.
  • The payments can be done quite easily by using various modes.
  • You can access a comprehensive statistics report.
  • Moreover, its self service platform will be launched soon.


Clickadu has spread itself globally in around 240 countries of the world. Advertisers and publishers throughout the world are joining this ad network at large numbers to explore its growth potential. Nearly 2400 publishers had been registered with Clickadu ad network and several hundred advertisers are in the list. Clickadu aims at providing the growth opportunities to advertisers by showing their ads on different sites worldwide whereas the publishers of these ads gets equal opportunity to earn money displaying these ads on their sites. One must try this popular ad network and monitor the self growth.