Helpful Tips to Keep Email List Clean with Data Matching Services

Data Matching Services for Email List: Businesses collect data from various sources to reach out to a large number of prospects for increased leads. But just having a high amount of data is not the guarantee of quality leads or accounts. To ensure that the money you have invested in collecting data from various resources gives you expected returns, you need to focus on the quality of data as well.

Data matching is the practice opted by large-scale businesses to match the data on their lists or CRM with other sources. The quality of data you have directly affects the insights you have into your target leads or accounts. Dedicated data matching services also help businesses maintain cleans and beneficial email list. The process regularly spots out the duplicate records in mailing lists by matching new account applications with the existing customer records.

keep email list clean with data matching services

Data matching helps businesses in three ways:

  • Deduplication of data
  • Improved data accuracy
  • Better sales and marketing campaigns

Use of Data Matching Services in Maintaining a Clean Email List

In today’s tech-savvy world, people interact with each other through digital mediums like social media networks and emails. Email marketing is the most cost-effective and quickest way to reach out to the target audience. The businesses strive to grow their subscribers’ base to ensure that the campaign reaches a large target market.  But to ensure the success of the campaigns and for the growth of any business, maintaining a clean and effective email list is necessary. Maintaining a clean email list is easier said than done. This is in itself a complex world, as there are many factors related to the success of email marketing campaigns.

There are marketing managers who complain about their IP addresses getting blocked or increased bounce rate of email marketing campaigns. The problem with these marketers is that they focus more on quantity than quality. Their objective is just to grow the email list without paying attention to the type of customers included in it.

Are you wondering how to improve your email campaign performance with the existing records? Thankfully, now there are various data matching tools and email validation services providers who filter your email lists to provide you with the accurate reports. These are equipped with the technologies and strategies to serve the goals and interests of different businesses from various industries.

How Does Data Matching Software Work?

1. Data cleaning

Professional email list cleaning services and software providers not just help you get rid of the bad email addresses but also help you find out the emails that increase the bounce rate, which is unknown, and that cannot be delivered. The tool is equally effective for startups as well as large-scale organizations with a huge amount of data.

2. Abuse detection

The software flags email addresses marked for clicking the spam button.

3. Spam trap detection

There is a myth that all spam traps are not detectable. Advanced software and spam filters have proved this wrong. These auto-reply that your email can be blacklisted for sending another marketing campaign-related email. Knowing this, you can remove particular email ids from your list.

4. IP location appending

The online tool appends the location from the email that was captured if you upload the IP address.

5. Do not mail

This includes emails from spam companies and role-based emails. By excluding these emails from your mailing list, you can keep your records clean.

6. Temporary email detection

The software updates you about the temporary email addresses which you can remove from your mailing list to save your money and resources.

7. Bad file detection

The software is designed with features to detect all types of bad files like temporary, invalid, undeliverable, junk, and non-existent emails. It helps businesses get a clean and neat email list with an improved performance of marketing campaigns.

8. Validation of bulk lists

Validating the lists with bulk data is one of the biggest problems faced by the enterprises. But the data matching tool makes this task quick and effective with the assurance that the emails are delivered with an increased success rate.

9. Platform integration

One of the problems faced by businesses when looking for data matching software for email lists is the integration of the options with the platform used by them. Luckily, today the market is full of options, which effectively work on different platforms such as Joomla, WordPress, Contact Forms, etc.

What Else Than Data Matching Services?

No doubt, data matching services are great to ensure the quality of the email list, but you should not always depend on the tools and software. Rather, you should try to keep your records clean from the beginning. This can be done by getting it right from the start. Pay attention to the channels the emails are coming from. Do you collect the data from your website, contact forms, customer portals, through tradeshows, or the call center? All the touchpoints for collecting the data have their risks. Collecting bad emails is a common risk associated with all the touchpoints due to human error. You can avoid this risk by putting a real-time email validation solution. It does not just help you ensure the accuracy of the email ids but also helps you drive revenue from the list. Email address validation solution is a one-time investment with lifetime revenue you generate from an accurate email address.

Do you really want to grow your email marketing list without any errors and duplicity? Choose the best data matching services provider to keep your email list clean. The market is full of options; you just need to explore the choices based on your budget, requirements, and industry.  Different email cleaning service providers have various features making them better from others. It is up to you to make the best choice as per your needs and email marketing campaign requirements.

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    Diana Da Silva

    I would just like to add that cleaning your data has so many positives effects on your company not just with emails. Working with clean data will help boost sales, improve the results of your marketing efforts, ensure the best customer service, can be a critical part of being compliant with regulations, as well as making strategic decisions easier since you will have concrete data you can rely on. Not all programs are created and your choice in data matching software depends on your needs, so shop around.

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