How to Claim Your Blogger/Blogspot Blog on Alexa?

Alexa now does not offer website submission. You need to install the Alexa toolbar add-on or plugin in your web browser to get ranked. It’s better to ask your friend to install Alexa toolbar in their web browsers to gain a better competitive rank.

You don’t need to read this article onward.

Many of blogger friends have asked a very common question, how can they claim their blog on to get successfully listed on that. Claiming your site or blog on is very necessary because it shows you have site ownership and have rights to site traffic data. Alexa asks some general contact information about the site owner. This information is very important to provide on the internet if you are doing business kind of thing with your site or blog.

Claim your blog on

1- Go to Alexa claim page:

2- Then fill your site/blog address and click on Claim Your Site button (Ref. Image 1: Step 1 and Step 2)

3- Now, on the next page, please signup for Intro Pack, which is free. (Ref. Image 2: Step 3)

4- Copy verification meta code (Ref. Image 3: Step 4) and paste this code in your blog template just below </head> and Save template (Ref. Image 4: Step 6)

5- Click on ‘Verify my ID’ button and wait for verification (Ref. Image 3: Step 7)

6- After successful verification, you will see this message ‘Your site has been successfully claimed’ (Ref. Image 5) and then click on ‘Continue’ button (Ref. Image 5: Step 8)

7- On the next page, you should fill your site and personal information, but if you want to skip this step, you can click on the grey color ‘Skip’ button. If you are filling information, then click on ‘Save & Continue’ button (Ref. Image 6: Step 10)

8- Finally, you’ll receive a congratulation message (Ref. Image 7). You can now move to the Dashboard.

9- On the Dashboard, you’ll see the blog and its stats. (Ref. Image 8)

10- Now, you can view your blog’s stats anytime by using the following URL. Must change ‘your-blog-address’ with your blog address, e.g.

For Eg –

Pictorial Steps to Claim your blog to Alexa Internet, Inc

Alexa Claim Blog or Site - Image 1
Image 1

Alexa Claim Blog or Site - Image 2
Image 2

Alexa Claim Blog or Site - Image 3
Image 3

Alexa Claim Blog or Site - Image 4
Image 4

Alexa Claim Blog or Site - Image 5
Image 5

Alexa Claim Blog or Site - Image 6
Image 6

Alexa Claim Blog or Site - Image 7
Image 7

Alexa Claim Blog or Site - Image 8
Image 8

Alexa Claim Blog or Site - Image 9
Image 9



  1. बहुत सुन्दर प्रस्तुति!
    साझा करने के लिए आभार!

  2. Thanks… managed to claim my site. I hope this will improve the page ranks!

    I wanted to ask one thing: Now that I’ve claimed my site, do I remove the changes in my blog’s HTML or let it be?


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