How to Choose the Right Conference Venue?

You might have all the documents, presentations, agenda, and guest list ready for your meeting. But have you chosen the conferencing venue yet? If you have, is it the perfect conference venue?

Tips to choose the perfect conference venue

Tips to Choose a Conference Venue

1. Convenience

Is the conference venue chosen by you convenient for all the attendees? If people are coming from other places, would they be able to find it easily? Is there any provision for the specially challenged?

Your venue should be easy to locate. Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone check out if the venue is available on Google maps. Before booking, check if there are rail/road/airplane links to the location. Do not miss out on anything that might cause inconvenience for the guests.

2. Catering

Do they provide veg/nonveg? What is on their menu. How is the food?

We all love to eat and eat to live. So in order to keep all your guests happy, it becomes our responsibility to give them delicious food. So that they are happy and fully satisfied with your arrangements. Look out for the snacks they can provide. See if they have alternative provisions for people with diabetic/ blood pressure conditions. Leave no stones unturned.

3. Cost

What is your budget? Does the cost include everything? What all does it include and exclude?

Stick to your budget and see to it that they offer what they say. Ask for concessions, if any, and what all services you can avail at the given cost.

4. Car Parking

Is there enough parking space? Is valet parking available?

It is one of the most important things that people usually forget to ask while inquiring or booking a venue. Your guest should not be troubled because of inconvenient parking systems. It would look very bad on your part if there is not enough space for parking.

5. Site Visit

Did the venue call you once you made the inquiry? How was the response? Imagine what if you booked a venue because you liked the picture, but it turns out the chairs are uncomfortable to sit on.

See the response of the venue you are planning to book. If they were prompt, then there are chances that they will deal well. Set a date for site visit and personally visit the site and check out everything. Check the conference hall you’d be provided, the chairs, table, network, projector, screen stationery(if provided).

Tips for choosing the perfect conference hall

6. Size

Have you checked the size of the conference hall you have booked? Is it too huge or too small?

Whatever hall you may book, the size should be perfect. You would have a rough estimate of the number of guests arriving. When you visit the site, visualize the whole meeting in your head.

7. Service

Do they provide the service as they claim?

Some venues may hide behind the masks of β€œDedicated services”. Ask them in detail about all the services you can avail of.

8. Seating

Is the seating convenient? Can everyone see each other? Will everyone able to see the presentation without any trouble?

As mentioned before, during the site visit, check out the chairs and tables. Check the configuration. Adjust the configuration as per the number of guests. Make provisions for extras.

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