Customer relationship management is a process of managing your customer’s needs, requests, complaints etc. It plays a pivotal role in building healthy relation with your customers. The way you manage your customers affects your sales performance as well as business reputation. Moreover, a good cloud CRM solution helps in building a brand out of your company thereby, helping your company grow exponentially.

However, simply buying a CRM system won’t do any good when it comes to meeting the needs of your market, since a proficient approach is necessary. Analysing the needs, right planning and timely execution are three driving factors that help to get the most out of your CRM efforts. This need of proficiency gave rise to cloud CRM software, a simple and effective solution to all your complex CRM problems.

Cloud CRM System
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Cloud CRM Software Solution

Features of modern CRM software solutions are as follows:

  1. Efficient Leads/customer management
  2. Automation
  3. Cloud computing
  4. Mobile access
  5. 360-degree view of your sales pipeline
  6. Vital sales/marketing insights and analytics
  7. Social CRM

With features as above, CRM software solutions have been assisting both SMEs and MNCs manage their customers efficiently.  Unfortunately, even in today’s tech era, many businesses find it hard to rely on a cloud CRM software for their crucial CRM tasks. These businesses still stuck in ice-age use traditional and manual methods for customer relationship management.

Therefore, here are 5 sturdy reasons that may make you fall in love with CRM system and, perhaps make you invest in CRM software services.

1. Autoresponders

With a CRM software, you can design and save email templates, which are sent as and when certain predefined conditions are triggered, for instance: a welcome mail, when your web form is filled. Thus, it helps in automating customer request handling as well as streamlines follow-up with leads. Moreover, cloud CRM software can be used for email marketing, which is one of the most cost-effective forms of one–to-one marketing.

2. Data mining and warehousing

Tactical CRM is completely dependent upon analytics and previous data recorded. CRM software can maintain a good record of all your data from your previous history as well as your interactions with your customers. These data, when added with business intelligence analytics can help in administrating effective marketing strategies.

3. Multi-channel integration

The precision of multiple devices made available on a single platform can ease up the tedious task of collecting and updating your tasks manually. Cloud CRM software can easily integrate with all your important CRM tools and software such as social accounts, autoresponders, etc. and provide data on demand.

4. Virtual contact centre

One of the important factors to build loyal customers and deal with customer retention problems is to provide instant solution to the queries/grievances of your customers. Cloud CRM software enables you to interact with your customers easily with its virtual contact centre. A virtual contact centre lets you connect with your customers through chat, voice over IP etc. providing instant interaction with your valuable customers.

5. Sales & marketing

Sales and marketing are two major pillars for every company, as these directly affect the performance of a company. Thus, to ensure quality leads and improved sales, a collaboration between sales and marketing team is necessary. CRM software provides you with a single point of contact platform, wherein both teams from both the departments can have better visibility and insights into the data collected and hence, can help each other to perform better.

To conclude, cloud CRM software solutions are modern day tools that are must for companies of all sizes and industry verticals. They can bring in valuable customers for an SME and can prove handy for building a loyal customer base for bigger corporates. Powered up by cloud technology providing 24×7 access and unmatched customer management, investing in a CRM software is worth your every single penny.

Author Bio:
Abhishek Sharma writes about business management suites like ERP and CRM. A curious minded and enthusiastic writer, Abhishek has a great penchant for CRM, ERP and human resources. He writes for Sage Software Solutions, a leading provider of business management software to small and mid-sized businesses all across India.