Chameleon Marketing: How to Get 1 Million Views for Your Brand


Currently, Internet marketers are facing manifold problems. There is a huge amount of traffic channels to attract: PPC, CPA-network, display and banner advertising, targeting social networking, SMM … But the fact is that not every business can make use of existing methods of promotion for the development of the company or the strengthening of existing positions. That is why more and more businesses direct their attention to the quite unknown lands so-called «blue ocean» of promotion and advertising. The main question is about effective chameleon marketing.

Chameleon marketing concept

Take a Leading Position in the Market

The introduction of new concepts often allows taking a leading position in the market. Here it is more about using intellectual resources than the huge financial ones. So it is good for both small and large businesses. While there is little controversy, usually small companies are more flexible to external market changes, so they can easily test different approaches and evaluate the results. The Large company though obtain larger, than the small companies, financial possibilities and are often less flexible and open to new ideas.

Additionally, in the case of large companies, or those who work for a long time on the market, it is difficult to determine promotion channel, which gives the greatest benefits (due to the current reputation or other channels with large volumes,  parallel promotion, it is virtually impossible to identify the contribution of each action, simply trace the possible trend at the end of the period, but not the fact that there will not be other external factors).

Chameleon Marketing Introduction

Chameleon marketing in the first place is directed towards catching new trends and an increase in traffic from another unknown source of promotion. One of such unknown sources is geo-targeting. Geo-targeting is a technology that provides the visitor with information on the basis of their geographical position. The widespread use of this technology has been in the marketing, allowing to show ads only to target customers, who are physically able to buy this product. Geotargeting can significantly increase conversion of the advertising company since ads will appear only to those who have the opportunity to purchase goods offline, as well as those who value fast delivery.

Influences Adaptive Sites

The chameleon marketing has also influenced the emergence of adaptive sites.

The site is called adaptive because it adapts its interface to different devices with different capabilities and screen sizes. Websites with adaptive design adjust to the screen size of the device from which you are logged on the site. With a reduced size screen, blocks on the website change places, and columns are placed under the main content. Because of this, the primary information is clearly visible, and not a very essential one is not. The user is not distracted by the unnecessary information and does what they need to.

Responsive Design for Different Platforms

In the process of developing a website, a designer thinks about the position of different blocks and units, increases the size of the buttons and menu items, places links and navigation elements far from each other. As a result, to use the website with your phone is as convenient as with a computer.

In fact, the trends are such that as soon as something starts to work, everybody begins using it, so you need to always be “ahead of the curve” in order to have a competitive advantage.


Edubirdie Website

A good example of the active use of chameleon marketing is the leading writing service Edubirdie. This source has chosen vine to be the main tool for promotion of its services. It is not a secret that the main auditory of essay and college paper writing websites are adolescents and that is why vines are the best choice to be the chameleon and to promote services in different environments. This may be a good example of how to promote serious content with the unconventional approach.

So, even if you think that the environment does not comply with the subject matter of your product, you may always find a way out. It may be humor, some tips, videos, etc. Use your creativity and think out of the box.


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