What are Career and Job Prospects in Hotel Management?

With the opening of new hotels in the urban and semi-urban regions of the country, the job opportunities in the hotel industry are on the rise and the number of openings is going to increase in the future. The hotels hire more trained professionals as compared to the untrained ones as they are not willing to invest in the training of employees. The candidates are hired as executives in food and beverage, hotel accounting, front office, housekeeping and sales & marketing department in hotels. The freshers can be asked to work in any profile in the hotel like serving the customers or preparing the dishes. Therefore, the candidates need to be aware of the work profiles before choosing hotel management as a career.

Career and job prospects hotel management

Institutes of Hotel Management

There are many institutes in India which offer diploma and degree courses in hotel management. Here is given the list of top institutes in the country which provide high-quality training and placement assistance in this field.

  • Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Hotel_Management, Chandigarh
  • Institute of Hotel_Management, Jodhpur
  • Institute of Hotel_Management, Kolkata
  • Institute of Hotel_Management, Lucknow
  • Institute of Hotel_Management, Gandhinagar
  • Institute of Hotel_Management, Bangalore
  • Institute of Hotel_Management, Bhopal
  • Institute of Hotel_Management, Bhubaneswar
  • Institute of Hotel_Management, Chennai
  • Institute of Hotel_Management, New Delhi
  • Delhi Institute of Hotel_Management, New Delhi
  • Institute of Hotel_Management, Gangtok
  • Institute of Hotel_Management, Goa
  • Institute of Hotel_Management, Catering & Applied Nutrition, Dehradun
  • Institute of Hotel_Management, Gurdaspur
  • Institute of Hotel_Management, Guwahati

This is a professional career and the admission to these institutes is conducted through different entrance tests. There are some national level entrance exams, state level, university level entrance exams.

Here is the list of entrance exams for admission into these institutes –

National Council of Hotel Management and Catering Technology Joint Entrance Examination (NCHM JEE)

NCHM JEE is a national level entrance examination conducted by National Council of Hotel Management and Catering Technology for admission to 3-year Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology course in 21 central, 19 state government and 13 private hotel management institutes.

International Institute of Hotel Management Electronic Common Hospitality Admission Test (e-CHAT)

IIHM e-CHAT is an online test conducted for admission to the seven Indian Institutes of Hotel Management. IIHM e-chat consists of an online test, group discussion, and personal interview. Following are the institutions offering admissions to 3-year Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology course through IIHM e-chat.

  • IIHM Delhi
  • IIHM Kolkata
  • IIHM Bangalore
  • IIHM Pune
  • IIHM Jaipur
  • IIHM Ahmedabad
  • IIHM Hyderabad

With the increase of globalization, the hotel industry has also grown significantly. With the opening of new hotels in the metros and small cities, the need for hotel management professionals is on the rise. This education also covers hotel and restaurant management, tourism management, airline catering and cabin services, forest lodges, club management and cruise ship management.

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