How to Make Your Canon Ink Cartridges Last Longer?


Most people think that they just need to buy the printer and that is the only expense that appears. This is definitely not the case. In reality, that price that you pay is just a part of the cost. Actual cost incurred is the money that you end up paying for the Canon ink cartridges that you purchase every single time that the printer runs out of printer ink.

When running printing businesses, running out of printer ink is something that would hurt the entire company. Extra expenses are normally overlooked by people when they buy printer cartridges. The good news is that there are many different ways in which cartridges would be made to last for a longer period of time. That would help you to save a lot of money. Look at the tips below and make sure that you make the Canon ink cartridges last as much as possible.

Print More With Canon Ink Cartridges

Canon Ink Cartridges

Only Print What Is Needed

Think about the various different documents you are about to pay. Some will be more important, relevant or useful than others. Think about not wasting ink on items that are not actually needed for you. Print just what is necessary.

Use Print Preview Mode

Print preview is a drastically underused feature that Canon printers have. It will allow you to see exactly how the document will look like before printing. Use this mode in order to adjust spaces and decide exactly what pages should be printed. If you feel that this is a good idea, you can easily just print the text on a page, allowing you to save a lot of printer ink. Even paper can be saved when you use this option.

Focus On Printing Text

When printing texts for reference purposes, only print the text that is very important! Try to avoid printing as many graphics as possible. When you do that, you save the most ink that you could. When printing graphics, make sure that you just print the important ones.

Use Draft Mode Printing

Try to always use draft print quality in the event that it is enough for what you need. You can take advantage of this feature after you click print. The box that appears highlights the settings list of your Canon printer. After clicking on Properties, you gain access to various options. Many choices are available right under Paper/Quality, including Draft Mode.

You can easily use Draft Mode printing for reference material printing or any print job that would be discarded in the future. Draft quality will print a document at a lower resolution.

Use Black Printer Ink When Printing Text

When you have a document that is black and white, which is quite common in an office environment, only use black ink cartridges. In fact, it is quite useful to use the black and white Canon ink cartridges whenever possible, instead of those that are colored. When using colored ink for black printing, your printer will use many colors to make the ink appear black. A huge consumption of all the inks in the color cartridge appears.


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