How to Bypass the Windows 10 Password by PassMoz LabWin?

Windows PC users must know how to bypass the Windows 10 Password. It will help you to recover a forgotten password. In this article, we are discussing a unique password recovery software Passmoz LabWin. Let’s have a look.

Bypass the Windows 10 Password by PassMoz LabWin

Recover Windows Password with PassMoz LabWin

Another great utility and one that’s trusted by millions of Windows users worldwide is PassMoz LabWin. Validated for use on more than 50 well-known PC brands, the software was intensively tested by beta users even before the official release. It supports all Windows versions starting from Windows XP right up to Windows 10 and allows users to burn bootable media to a disk as well as a USB flash drive with built-in burning functionality.

PassMoz LabWin offers a simple three-step process to bypass any Windows password. Download the application to a different PC, choose the medium for the bootable ISO file to be burned onto and then insert the media into the locked PC and let the software do its job. In a matter of minutes, your lost or forgotten Windows password won’t matter anymore.

1 –  Download the application on an accessible PC and use the burning function to create a bootable disk or USB drive.

2 – Insert the bootable media into your locked Windows machine and boot up from the media, not the default Windows installation. You will need to change the boot order in the boot menu by pressing the specified key (usually F2, Del or Esc) during the boot process and changing the boot priority. Resume the boot process after doing this.

passmoz labwin

3 – Once you see the PassMoz LabWin interface, select the OS version and the user account to be unlocked, and click on ‘Reset Password’ then ‘Reboot’ to complete the password reset process. Remove the disk or drive, restart your PC and login without having to enter a password.

That’s how simple it is to use PassMoz LabWin. The application can reset various types of Windows passwords, including Windows Server, user, guest, admin and Microsoft account. Once you’ve created the password reset disk or drive, you can keep it for future use if you ever forget your password again on that same machine. If you have different machines running different Windows versions (such as PC and laptop), simply create password reset disks with PassMoz LabWin and never worry about forgetting your Windows password ever again.

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