How to Bypass Windows 10 Login Password with Tunesbro?

Like any other days, you have come from the office, took some rest and then turned on your computer just to get some miscellaneous work done while all of a snap, your computer starts showing INCORRECT PASSWORD! You quickly tried to enter all the passwords that you could possibly remember but the result remains the same.

Forgetting Windows 10 password can be troublesome because without entering the right password, your system will prevent your access but if you panic and do anything useless then you might get locked out forever. So, firstly, calm down and take a deep breath while we explain how to bypass Windows 10 login password.

Yes, it is certainly possible to bypass the Windows 10 login screen and remove the password from your computer even if you don’t remember it. Surely, you can try to reset Microsoft account password if you use your MS account as your user type or you can even try to reset the password with your password reset disk.

Tunesbro Windows 10 Password Recovery Step by Step

But unfortunately, most people don’t bother about creating a password reset disk and use their local administrator accounts instead of Microsoft accounts. In that scenario, bypassing Windows 10 login screen can be a little tricky.

Luckily, with the help of Tunesbro – Windows 10 Password Recovery, bypassing Windows computer login screens has never been easier. Tunesbro is an intuitive solution to remove the password from your computer so that you can access your PC without even entering any password.

There are many Windows password recovery tools available online but we chose Tunesbro – Windows 10 Password Recovery for the following reasons –

  1. Bypass or remove password from Windows computer with simple 3 steps.
  2. Make a password reset disk in 2 ways – with USB flash drive or DVD.
  3. Supported Windows OS versions – Windows 7/8/10, Vista, XP, 2000, 98, 95 and older Windows servers.
  4. Reset passwords from any user profile types such as local accounts, administrator accounts, root and domain accounts as well as Microsoft accounts.
  5. One time payment only and then reset Windows passwords as many times as you want.
  6. Free after sale support.
  7. Free lifetime upgrades.

Why should I use Tunesbro over any other Password Reset Tool?

  • Tunesbro guarantees that there won’t be any data loss during resetting the password which most software doesn’t offer. You can re-install OS and format your PC but it will erase every information from your computer.
  • Most password reset programs can’t crack passwords more than 10 characters but Tunesbro can crack the password of any length even if it is 20 characters mixed with special symbols.
  • Other password recovery tools don’t provide money back guarantee but Tunesbro provides a 30 days money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied.

How to use Tunesbro tool to bypass Windows 10 password?

There are only 2 requirements before getting started. First, you need a separate computer with administrator rights and second, you will need a USB stick or DVD to create the password reset disk.

If you have both types of equipment with you then follow these steps to reset your Windows 10 login password.

Step 1. Download Tunesbro Windows Password Recovery tool on the computer that you just borrowed and insert either a compact disc or a removal USB drive.

Let’s say, you picked a USB drive. So, from the home interface of the tool, click on the drop-down arrow and select the name of the drive followed by “Burn USB”.

iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro Boot Disk

In this part, the program will burn the ISO image file in your USB stick that we will use to unlock your locked computer.

iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro Boot Disk Burning

Step 2. Plug in the USB drive on the locked PC and reboot it. Keep pressing “Del” key to enter into BIOS settings and use the arrows to navigate through BOOT options. Make sure that the USB driver is listed in the boot priority and disable the secure boot option.

computer boot screen

Step 3. Reboot your PC again and the Windows password recovery tool should be launched on your monitor. Now, you only have to do the following things –

  1. Choose the Windows OS version. (Windows 10)
  2. Select the original user profile name.
  3. Press “Reset password” to remove the password from your computer.
  4. Hit Restart.

iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro Reset Password

Plug out the USB driver and your computer should be restarted normally now.

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From the tutorial, you must have already concluded that it is indeed the simplest password recovery tool ever. It literally takes 15-20 minutes to reset the password of your computer without causing any data damage. Make sure to set up a new password again for your computer but this time write it on a piece of paper so that you don’t forget it again. But even if you lost your password again, then you know how to use Tunesbro to reset it again. No need to take your computer to any repair shop because you can resolve this issue easily by yourself without any help.

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