If you are a budding coder or a game developer, you should think about buying a suitable programming laptop. University students may already have a list of specifications required for coders-in-training, courtesy of the computer department. In case you are a student coder, here are several things to keep in mind when buying a programming laptop:

Programming Laptop

Programming Laptop for Students

Go for an Intel Core i7 Processor

Many coders can do well with an Intel Core i5 processors. Even a dual-core Pentium is suited for coding. However, if you are buying a new laptop, it’s highly recommended to aim for an Intel Core i7 processor. You will have the fastest processor currently available on your hands, and you will be able to future-proof your laptop as well. You can engage in both graphically-demanding in regular programming on a laptop powered by a Core i7 processor.

Aim for Minimum 8GB RAM

The minimum recommended amount of RAM for a programming laptop is 8GB. So don’t bother buying a laptop with any less. It would be ideal if you can aim for 12GB of RAM or higher. You will have to pay between $1,000 and $1,500 for a laptop with 12GB of RAM.

You will Need a Good Graphics Card

If you plan on engaging in graphically demanding coding work, the graphics card on your laptop will be very important. Unlike on desktops, the graphics card on a laptop cannot be replaced. So, do your research thoroughly before committing to one. An integrated graphics card should suffice unless you are a game developer. Consider investing in a mid-range graphics card. Laptops prices close to $1,000 often have solid, mid-range graphics cards.

SSDs are Recommended over HDDs

SSDs are much faster than traditional HDDs, so programmers are highly recommended to buy a laptop with an SSD. The only disadvantage is that SSDs don’t offer much storage. If all other specs are good, a laptop with a 1TB HDD is very well worth considering as well. You can get a high-end SSD with at least 512GB of storage for around $1,200. If you don’t want to spend that amount of money, it’s perfectly fine to choose an HDD.

Mind the OS

Do pay attention to the operating system that you plan on coding for. Most developers prefer Windows or Linux OS. However, iOS is also suitable for certain programming work. Keep in mind that come code can only be executed on devices running on iOS or MacOS. So make sure you have the right operating system before you make your purchase.

Check Online for Buying Guides

Don’t make your final purchasing decision before scouring the internet for the best products out there. There are plenty of listicles with best programming laptops you can read. Go through the most reputable ones. If you are looking for a budget-range programming laptop, this guide should help. You should compare prices online as well. Don’t be lazy and spend some time doing your research to make sure you end up with the right product.

Mind the above tips and you will be able to buy a programming laptop that suits your needs and your budget.