Top 5 Business Reasons to Use the Cloud


There are several reasons why businesses should take it upon themselves and use cloud computing. A single organization is able to cut costs and become more flexible in the marketplace just by implementing a cloud-based system. The key to having an effective IT system is to make sure that proper metrics are in place and analytics are monitored in detail. The IT team within a company is no longer isolated to the corner of the office, it is now an invaluable asset to an organization with which every employee should have access to.

Business Reason to use Cloud

Here are the top 5 reasons as to why cloud computing is beneficial to a business:

  1. Save money

There are many reasons why any business should use cloud computing and the fact that it saves them money is most likely to be one of the main advantages that drive organizations to do so. The most obvious reason as to why cloud hosting and computing is cheaper than any alternative is that the cloud providers benefit from large companies using them and can offer more computing power at a much lower cost. Another benefit of cloud computing is that you have got the ability to pay for what you use, and not be forced to spend over the top for unnecessary data.

  1. The Cloud is Agile and Scalable

One of the biggest challenges any business faces is to how to cope with is the fluctuation of demand. It is all well and good being a Christmas tree company when it is Christmas time, demand is high and profits are too, but what happens when demand is low? Relying on cloud-based infrastructure means that companies are able to cope with these peaks and troughs with a sense of elasticity and reactiveness because the services can be scaled up and down as needed to meet a customer’s variable operational needs, ensuring maximum cost efficiency.

  1. Easy to Manage and Upgrade

Keeping up with the latest technologies and maintaining internal software is a headache for any IT department. Ask any IT technician and they’ll tell you that the majority of their day is taken up by the most mundane of tasks by updating employees’ software – this leaves very little time for any planning, meaning that most companies get left behind in terms of new software being released. With cloud computing, software is automated to update through implementing a system center, this makes the IT department’s job a hell of a lot easier and means they can take a more proactive approach

  1. Speed

This is probably the most important reason for using cloud computing. Actions that can usually take weeks can be completed within a matter of hours using the cloud. Speed is a massive factor in whether a business lives or whether it dies, the quicker you can fix a problem the more productive your company can be. For example, a change in the market may mean that you have to configure a new server for all employees and waste valuable time that could have been used to get your product out quicker.

  1. Big Data

Big Data is all about pulling together different strands of information, from several different sources allowing employees to present advanced analytics in great detail. Analytical techniques have never been better when using cloud computing, the data is more detailed and can be delivered quicker than ever.


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