How Can Teenagers Make Money Online with Blogging?

Blogging is one of the popular hobbies of people who love to express their passion online. Blogging was initially meant to air your views on certain current topics and issues, however, with time things have changed and it has become of the key sources of promoting your brand and establishing yourself as a legitimate expert in your chosen niche area. Also, it has become an important source to make money as well. Right from seasoned bloggers to teenagers, everyone has the opportunity to make money via blogging.

Make Money Online

If you talk about teenagers, you have certain simple ways, which can be incorporated into your blog to start making money online. Let’s have a look at some of these as under:

Affiliate marketing

The affiliate marketer is someone who simply promotes the products or purchase targeted traffic to other companies or brands. Generally, you will be given some links from the businesses to place it on your blog. If your readers click on the link and buy the products, you end up getting a commission. The commission piles up to become a big amount. Some of the popular affiliate programs include Amazon Affiliates, ClickBank, CJ Affiliates, Bluehost, etc. The commission you make can range from 1 to 16 percent of the cost of the product or services sold.


The PPC or Pay Per Click ads simply give you money for every single click instead of a sale. The amount you make per click could range from 0.01 to 100 dollars depending on the ad. For example, the consumer electronic stuff has the lowest PPC amounts; however, the lawyers are seen paying the highest amounts per click. One of the popular programs for PPC includes Google AdSense, which is a number of choices for new bloggers hence it can prove beneficial and simple for the teenagers to make good money. Google will award the PPC program as per your chosen niche area. Some of the other popular PPC ad options include Media Net, Infolinks, Chitika and Click Booth.

Paid Posts or Reviews

If you have some basic skills of writing (of course you have since you blog) then writing paid posts and reviews could be a good option for the teenagers to make money online. This is among the simplest ways of making money via blogging, which can be effective once you have a good audience or tangible traffic. It is nothing but the company is paying you to write and promote their products or services for the posts or reviews you write for them. As bloggers for this job are considered, to be honest, credible and strong hence you have the option of making good money through paid posts and reviews.


This kind of ad is very much different than the one you hear and see in your day to day life, however, it is procured at a fixed cost. This option has great potential in it, which can fetch you a good income on a consistent basis. However, it also comes with few demerits as well, the income could be limited and secondly, you need to have a big site or blog for you to buy the ad space. Nevertheless, it is still a cool option to make money through blogging as the ad spaces can be managed once you start making money regularly.

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