Blogger Theme Switch: Default, Mobile and Dynamic Views

If you are using Google Blogger then you can offer 9 themes and visitors can switch to any of these. Among these, the first theme is default one, second is mobile version and others are 7 fast loading dynamic views. I have created a Blogger theme switch to make this function possible.

blogger theme switch

This exclusive theme switch will let the user select one theme and make your blog user-friendly. Learn about Blogger mobile theme.

How to Use Blogger Theme Switch?

It’s simple, just paste and save the following code in an HTML/JAVASCRIPT gadget and use this in sidebar.

<select onChange='document.location.href=this.options[this.selectedIndex]. value;'>
<option value='/?m=0'>Default</option>
<option value='/?m=1'>Mobile</option>
<option value='/view/classic'>Classic</option>
<option value='/view/sidebar'>Sidebar</option>
<option value='/view/flipcard'>FlipCard</option>
<option value='/view/magazine'>Magazine</option>
<option value='/view/mosaic'>Mosaic</option>
<option value='/view/snapshot'>SnapShot</option>
<option value='/view/timeslide'>TimeSlide</option>

I hope you’ll like it.

Note- This post is updated but may be outdated.

12 thoughts on “Blogger Theme Switch: Default, Mobile and Dynamic Views”

  1. Good One, many bloggers do not use Dynamic Views because of template editing limitations but do like the template. This is a real good way to let readers view site in various views.

  2. Hello sir i have same duplicate issue. i am also using blogger but
    duplicate tag issue automatically create my post end url examples



    when i configure the url parameter i shocked m parameter already added
    in my webmaster tool and set into let’s google decided and no delete
    option to remove this m parameter.

    Really i am very confuse so what i do now what is best setting the remove all these duplicates .

    Please Assist me …………

  3. Thanks for reply but sir i didn’t find solution of remove duplicate tag ” m ” can u please write a post about how to remove this duplicate tag m because they increase day by day can u give suggestion how to remove this duplicate tag ” m ” by URL Parameters Thanks I hope u will find this solution Thanks


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