Why Having a Blog Makes Your Website More Profitable

You’ve probably heard that it’s essential for businesses to have a blog, but it might not be clear why. At first glance, a blog appears to be nothing more than a collection of articles written about topics related to your business. While that’s generally true, those articles can serve numerous purposes that will generate revenue and drive leads for your business.

No matter what type of business you run, or even if you’re just an affiliate marketer or someone looking for business ideas, having a blog can make you more money.

Blog can make more money

You can showcase your best results in a blog post

When you do something exceptionally well in your industry or you’ve achieved some kind of important goal, you can showcase that in a blog post to share with others. For example, Cetaris, a fleet management software company, published a case study featuring a client who increased warranty reimbursements by 782% using their software. Those are some big results!

A blog gives you a platform to share expertise

Being an expert in your field is the fastest way to gain traction in the search engines and your market, but if you don’t talk about your expertise, nobody will know who you are. You simply can’t rely on word of mouth to get people to recognize you as an authority.

When you have a blog, you have unlimited opportunities to share information with your market. You can publish information at all levels of knowledge to make sure everyone knows the value you have to offer. There are countless blogs out there, so being able to demonstrate your expertise makes you automatically more trustworthy.

The more high-ranking content you have, the more traffic you can get

Blog posts are individual web pages, and the more web pages you can get to rank in the search engines, the more chances you have at generating traffic from organic search. You still have to convert those visitors once they land on your website, but that’s another skill.

Say you publish 20 blog posts on different, individual topics. Now you’ve got 20 new pieces of content that, when ranked high in the search engines, have the ability to draw in visitors searching for something related to those 20 separate topics. When all you have is a home page and a few service pages, you miss out on this opportunity.

You can add sales copy to your blog posts

Any page on your website is fair game for posting sales copy. For example, say you’re publishing an article about how to lose weight without giving up chocolate cake. That’s the perfect piece of content for promoting cookbooks in line with the diet you’re promoting or anything else related.

As long as it’s done tactfully and not too aggressively, you can monetize any blog post. You might even want to add image ads on the side to your affiliate products. Blog posts make perfect foundations for affiliate links.

Amazing blog posts get linked effortlessly

The more amazing content you produce, the more people will naturally link it when they find it online. The key is to create brilliant content that ranks. That way, when people search for statistics or information in your industry, your site will come up toward the top of the page, and if it’s a great resource, people will happily use it as a reference. This is how you generate high-quality backlinks naturally.

Authoritative blogs establish trust and authority

Hopefully, you’re aiming to generate trust and authority within your market, even if it’s only on a small scale at first. When your market trusts you, and you are seen as an authoritative leader, people will do business with you first over other companies they either don’t know or have had bad experiences with in the past.

Blogs will help you get email subscribers

Having an email list is great, but you need to continually generate subscribers to increase your profits. The more blog posts you have with an email signup form, the more potential there is to get those additional signups. Think about it this way: When you get a bunch of blog articles ranked in the search engines for a variety of terms, each time someone lands on those pages, they’ll see your email signup form. If you have a persuasive, convincing copy, they’ll sign up.

Start blogging and increase your value

Blogging isn’t a get-rich-quick solution, but it will help you increase the value you offer to your market, and in turn, you can see your sales increase when it’s done right.

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