Five Ways to Take Better Photos on Your Phone Camera


The portable instant camera has gone the way of the dinosaur. Phones have taken the place of the pocket camera for snapshots and capturing memories in our day to day lives. First digital cameras replaced the film camera, then the increasing abilities of our phones have come to take the place of pocket digital cameras. A phone is in our pockets every day, all day. They allow us to be in a moment, then quickly respond to capture that moment. Additionally, our phones allow us to quickly share what’s happening through social media postings. With all the opportunities for taking pictures, how can the photographer take the best photos possible with their phone camera?

Phone Camera

Photography through Phone Camera

1. Range

Be as close to your subject as possible. Too often, we try to capture snapshots from incorrect distances. Getting your camera up close and personal will give you the best photo possible. Utilize the depth of field that is natural to the camera. Try to frame your photo to make the most of the close range of your photo.

2. Use a tripod

Using support like a tripod or a selfie stick allows you to control and stabilize your camera while you take your picture. Remote shutter buttons also allow you to take your photo without touching the screen. The more stable the camera, the better the photograph. Selfie sticks allow you to get better and more unique angles in your photographs.

3. Keep your lens clean

Phone cameras cover a lot of ground and end up in a lot of places where they can collect dust, get smudged, or have debris or substances get on the lens. Regularly cleaning the lens with a soft lens cleaning cloth and a mild lens cleaner will allow you to have a clean and clear photo when you need it.

4. Apps

App availability has changed how we take and process picture. From filters to framing, apps are available to take your photos and add further artistic qualities to them. Apps can help us with how we assess the light, how we process the photo, and how we present the photo.

5. Pay attention to your light

Lighting is the most significant part of any type of photography. Phone flashes do not provide enough or the type of light that will give you good photographs so use natural light to your advantage. Having a keen awareness of the light around you will take your phone photography to a different level. Placement of your subjects and use of available light will bring out your subjects and colors and can make it hard to differentiate a phone photograph from other types of cameras.

Try these five simple tips as you take photos with your phone camera and you will see dramatic improvements in the technical quality of your photographs.


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