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WordPress is a most prominent publishing platform for bloggers and professionals. Many of us like this because it comes with the flexibility to customize as per our requirements.  When it comes to front-end design WordPress offers varieties from different developers. TelsaThemes and Themeisle are popular theme developers. Both are developing best WP themes that are industry unique and clear. Both developers are good but comparing them to check who is actually giving more return on the investment.

TeslaThemes - Best WP themes

TeslaThemes offer 50+ impressive and performance oriented themes. Unlike others, you can check the theme demo and documentation for the buyer to have a look before they finally decide to buy. On another side, Themeisle offers excellent themes but only 15+ premium WP themes are available to purchase. If you are among those who are looking for free WordPress themes then Themeisle is best for you because it has more to offer you than TeslaThemes at this point. Documentation is really clear which contains general guides, frequently asked question and online documentation.

In short, we can say that both offer clear documentation, online documentation and frequently asked a question. TeslaThemes wins in the number (50+) of premium themes available while Themeisle wins in the number (18+) of free themes. Let’s have more details of available features:

Best WP Themes But What About ROI?

Regular Updates

TeslaThemes is offering weekly updates while Themeisle update interval is not fixed. Themeisle updates their themes when it is required. It means TeslaThemes wins if we look for quick support.

Supported Domains

One theme that you purchase from TeslaThemes can be used with the unlimited domain. It means one theme can be installed on all the sites you have. But Themeisle limits the number of domains to install the purchased themes. You can buy different Themeisle packages to install the same theme on a larger number of sites. The Treasure Chest Lite Package will cost you $99 and themes can be installed on 3 sites only. It means – TeslaThemes again wins.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web designs are in high demand because of compatibility with different screen sizes. At this point, both are almost similar.

Responsive web design

HTML Themes

If you’re looking for HTML version of theme then Themeisle has nothing to give but TeslaThemes offers HTML version. You’ve can convert the same theme to other CMS like Joomla, Drupal or other platforms. Great! TeslaThemes again wins.

Free Customization

Themeisle again fails at this point because does not offer any free customization to their buyers. But TeslaThemes allows one-hour free customization to their all buyers. Isn’t good? TeslaThemes again wins.

Premium Plugins

We all know plugins can make WordPress more powerful. Themeisle is offering premium plugins but TeslaThemes not. So, Themeisle is winning at this point and making their best WP themes best of best.

Test Dashboard

If you want to test theme dashboard before buying then both developers are offering this feature.

Price to Access All Themes

Just pay $99 to Themeisle and get the access to all 20+ themes with basic support. While TeslaThemes charging only $59 and giving you access to all 56 current themes and even 18+ new themes per year including priority based technical support. So, in terms of pricing TelsaThemes again wins.

Lifetime Package Pricing

Themeisle is offering lifetime package to access 20+ themes for $249. Again, TeslaThemes offer more – access to all available and upcoming themes, unlimited domain license, priority based technical support, HTML & PSD files of all themes, all this just $199. Wonderful, again TeslaThemes wins.

Money Back Guarantee

In case you want the money back guarantee and not find these are the best WP themes then both will give refund during the limited time period – for Themeisle it’s 30 days while for TeslaThemes it’s 14 days. Here Themeisle is winning.

Affiliate program


Affiliate Program

Themeisle offering 55% affiliate commission and return cookie expires in 365 days. While TeslaThemes lacks there because it offers 50% affiliate commission and returns cookie expires in 90 days. Themeisle does not offer second tier lifetime commission while TeslaThemes is offering 15% on every sale made by your referral affiliates. For TeslaThemes supports coupon sites without using the brand name in a domain name or PPC keywords and wins there while Themeisle is not offering such feature. Themeisle minimum affiliate payout is at or after $100 while TeslaThemes can even pay you earned $1. All you get these advantages from TeslaThemes only.

Author View

I believe you should go with TeslaThemes because you get more value for your investment for best WP themes overall. But Themeisle is good at some points only. Do you believe I am right at this point if something is missing and you want to share your perspective with other audience please leave the comments below?


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