9 Best Websites for Mac Lovers

Apple products and accessories are such which deliver quality and best user experience. It caters to the needs of its customers and tries to assist its owner with the best services possible. However, for some, switching from Android to Apple can prove to be a big cultural shock because not many understand its technicalities and usage. In such a case, what is required for you is to read more about Mac products and how to use it effectively to your own advantage. Here, we are trying to cover a list of best websites for Mac, which provides the best and authentic knowledge.

Best websites for Mac lovers

Top 9 Websites for Mac Lovers

1. MacRumors

MacRumors was originally developed for providing exclusive Apple-related news. But, as the name suggests, it highlights some unfounded rumors, leaks, and speculation revolving around Apple devices and accessories. This site provides valuable information, so make sure to use it to the fullest.

Visit: macrumors.com

2. Macworld

It had started in the year 1984 as a print magazine. It is one of the oldest magazines for Apple devices giving great insights and reviews about the products. It has a long history of serving the Mac lovers. But, as everything started to get digitized, Macworld also had to up their game by announcing their print version in the year 2014. Even though they had crunch their staff, it is still an oft-updated resource for everything related to Apple to date.

Visit: macworld.com

3. AppleInsider

It targets that part of the demographics which are hungry for news regarding Apple. These are the kind of people who always want to be up to date about news, leaks, or any sort of rumors. Apple Insider has been running since 1997, and from the day of its formation till now, it was aimed at providing good and efficient news.

Visit: appleinsider.com

4. Apple Support

New to Mac? Not to worry. It is the official library for you. It’s a one-stop-shop solution for all your Mac-related queries. It is a perfect ‘switcher’ guide for all the newbies. It provides a handbook and starter tips to Apple users. It is also home to Apple support communities, which lets Mac and iOS users to help, guide, and resolve any query and provide a sure shot solution. It is a valuable resource for common issues for not-so-obvious fixes.

Visit: support.apple.com

5. iFixit

Are you adventurous in cleaning the mess that you have caused? iFixit provides you with step-by-step guidance with diagrams to fix a broken Apple product. Your problem can be as small as a broken to as big as replacing your optical drive in your old MacBook Pro with an SSD. They have got it all undercover. However, only if you think you have the knack and expertise for dealing with such broken things patiently, only then you should go for it. Those extra bucks will not hurt more than damaging the product more.

Visit: ifixit.com

6. MacTech

It is designed to differentiate from the others and has proved to be different. It is more like a news aggregator where the website rounds up the latest news, reviews, press releases, and updates from the Mac community in one clean and tidy dashboard. The dashboard look makes its information more approachable to its users, thereby delivering quick and reliable information with just a click. MacTech was designed to break stereotypes and has been justifying it for quite some time.

Visit: mactech.com

7. AppShopper

Just like a shopping mall, AppShopper is for all our shopping needs. Similarly, this website provides you with the best deals on premium products according to your convenience. It allows you to filter by a range of criteria to find the most relevant deal for you. It also comes with a directory, which allows you to view the price history of a particular product.

Visit: appshopper.com

8. AppRecs

App Stores are always full of fake reviews. AppRecs is one such app developed by Mark Edmond, which trawls the App Store and figures out a pattern for false and fake reviews. It helps Mac lovers rule out those apps which are not authentic.

Visit: apprecs.com

9. MacsPro

Last but not least, MacsPro is a knowledge-based Apple users community that provides helpful advice, tutorials, frequently asked questions, installation instructions, and troubleshooting tips. It is divided into various sections like Apple ID, Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple Watch, Desktop Computers, iCloud, iLife, iPad, iPhone, iPod, iTunes, iWork, Mac OS & System Apps, Notebooks, etc. Each divided section provides the latest tips and insights on the featured topics.

Even though there is a range of websites for Mac, you need to figure out which ones suit the best for you and make a decision accordingly.

Visit: macspro.com

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