Tips on How to Find the Best Technical Outsourcing Providers


Are you thinking about outsourcing some of the technical aspects of your business? Each time you outsource work, you are putting your faith in people and businesses outside your organization, so it’s crucial to choose service providers that provide an excellent and reliable service. Below are some of the most effective ways you can find the best technical outsourcing providers.

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Finding the Best Technical Outsourcing

Initial Research

Before you approach any freelancer, you should carry out some research on the person or business that provides a particular service. This is a much easier online task than it was in the past.

Most professional outsourcers leave an online footprint that you can easily trace. For instance, it should be relatively easy to find the social media profiles of these people and companies. A quick visit to these web pages will tell you a lot about how these freelancers approach their business and how they deal with other people online.

The search engines also make it much easier to complete groundwork. A simple search of the outsourcer’s name or their business name will bring back some interesting results. You can also vary your searches by including additional words in your searches that will shine a light on the character of the outsourcer you are researching.

For instance, if you search for the freelancer’s name followed by the word ‘review’ or ‘scam’, you will find more detailed posts and articles that tell you much more about the reputation of the person or business you are trying to find out more about.

Portfolio and Case Studies

Some outsourcers promise the earth but don’t deliver on their promises once they are hired. This is a situation you want to avoid at all costs and you can do this by finding out what a freelance company can actually do.

The providers who run a tight ship will usually publish a wide range of examples of previous work on their website and other online outlets. This transparency proves that they deliver on their promises and you will be able to view similar projects to the project you want to complete yourself. For example, if you are researching a mobile app development company, many of these organizations include a portfolio of their previous work that is easy to view over the internet.

Their Online Presence

Most outsourcing providers will have some basic social media presence. However, the individuals and companies that take their business seriously will have a much more extensive online presence. This usually includes a company website, busy social media pages and they are often more active on other websites where they contribute to discussions and help other online users.

Technical Support

Support and Communication Skills

When you deal with people outside your business, you want to be dealt with in a professional and friendly manner. You will quickly find out just how professional each provider is by contacting them and asking them some questions about the services they provide.

You should get a quick response to your questions and in many cases, some technical outsourcing providers will even provide live support services and talk to you over the phone. If you get off to a good start with an outsourcer in this way, there’s a great chance this excellent customer support will continue once you become a client.

Interview Each Outsourcer

When a large amount of money and your business’s reputation is at stake, you need to interview each provider in a thorough fashion. However, before you approach these professionals, make sure you draw up a comprehensive list of relevant questions. You should find out how much they charge for a particular project, what they will deliver and any other key questions that will affect your project.

Look at Similar Projects

As well as looking at an outsourcing company’s portfolio, you should also approach previous clients of these companies and find out what their experiences were like. The results of this exercise are extremely valuable to you because you will find out how an outsourcer works, how they treat their customers and much more. Equipped with this information, you will know how you will be treated and the service you will get.

Hiring the right technical outsourcing provider is not a decision you should take lightly. To ensure that you choose a reliable, professional freelancer, you need to carry out the proper research and find out as much as possible about your future business partner, so that you don’t waste money and you get the results you planned for.


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