The 7 Best MBA Streams in India

After completing graduation, if you have the aim to be a manager, you prepare for management entrance exams. Like engineering, management also has different streams, commonly known as specialization.

The master of business administration is mostly a two-year program. Its objective is to make an MBA student proficient in common management subjects and give specialization in one management stream.

Best MBA Streams in India

The first semester of MBA gives an overview of various management subjects. The subject of specialization is introduced in the second semester up to a limited extent.

In the second year, students opt for one specialization of their choice from management streams available in the college. So it becomes necessary to inquire about the specialization subject before taking admission.

All colleges do not provide all specialization subjects, so make sure your management stream is available, where you are planning to take admission.

Career objectives always help to decide which specialization is best for you. You must choose one of the streams in MBA wisely. Opting a management specialization can be difficult for some students. In such a case, professional development can be subject to consideration.

MBA Streams in India

Hereunder are some popular management/MBA streams in India.

Human Resource

If you are looking for your career in human resources, planning, and strategy, then you can opt MBA in HR Management. This management program includes the labor market, emerging economies, leadership, etc. Most of the counselor suggests this specialization to those who have good communication skills and personality; boldness and confidence are also required. Graduate in any stream with minimum 50% marks can do MBA in HR.

Information Technology

IT & Communication sector is also looking for techno-managers to plan, design, selection, implementation, usage, and administration of relevant activities. MBA in IT is educating managerial abilities to future IT managers, who will be able to manage his business team, which is dedicated to design and implement software/hardware to provide some business solutions. Any graduate with a minimum of 50% marks can pursue an MBA in IT.

International Business

International operations require knowledge of international operations, marketing, and finance, etc. MBA in International Business enables an in-depth understanding of organizational behavior and capabilities. This management specialization has a concern about the business process among multinational corporations. Any graduate with a minimum of 50% marks can pursue MBA in IB.

Disaster Management

Disaster Management is also known as Emergency Management. The objective of an MBA in Disaster Management is to produce managers who can help people/communities to recover from the terrible effects of the disaster. Disaster Management includes evaluation, search, and rescue, monitoring, reconstruction, relief, and rehabilitation operations. Manager plans and takes actions to manage disasters via alerts, fast response, timely warning, and efficient coordination.

Top MBA Colleges in India are providing this specialization, and any graduate with a minimum of 50% marks can pursue MBA in Disaster Management.


Marketing is a very competitive and dynamic business. An MBA in Marketing helps to understand and analyze consumer behavior, market trends, advertising, and many other things that help to sell the business. If you want to pursue Marketing specialization, then communication skills should be excellent, have good selling skills, and the ability to understand consumer requirements. Graduate in any discipline with minimum 50% marks can do MBA in Marketing.


It is the oldest MBA specialization. An MBA in finance will enable you to various subjects like costing, budgeting, capital management, etc. After having mastery in these subjects, you’ll able to work in the finance department of any organization. If you are interested in pursuing MBA in finance management, then you must be graduate in any discipline with a minimum of 50% marks.

Supply Chain Management

The supply chain is the backbone of any business. MBA in Supply Chain Management is a unique opportunity in the process of business management. A supply chain manager is kept for inventory/stock keeping, warehousing, and transportation management. The supply chain manager works a bridge between client and company. Any graduate with a minimum of 50% marks can pursue MBA in SCM.

There are many other specializations available in India. You may check all those on India’s leading education portals.

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