10 Best Magento Development Tools & Extensions

Websites have now become the lifeline of businesses for survival in this era of cutthroat competition. These e-commerce platforms must be feature-rich to offer an excellent user experience. When it comes to developing e-commerce websites, nothing can match the benefits that Magento websites offer to the users. Developing such websites gets easier if you are aware of Magento development tools as such tools can help you create dynamic online portals.

Magento development

When you work with the best tools and utilize the best practices, you can expect a great-quality, feature-rich website in no time. For example, if you have the required knowledge of what PHP code smells are, you could easily ensure quality coding for the websites. Therefore, it is most important for developers involved in Magento website development to know the best Magento tools. Here is the list of the best Magento development tools that could be utilized when developing e-commerce websites.

#1 Xdebug

Xdebug is by far the best tool for debugging the PHP codes. The development tool uses the DBGp debugging protocol. This tool can be utilized to offer profiling information for PHP scripts as well as code coverage analysis. It also provides the capability to debug your scripts with an interactive approach with a debugger front-end. This development tool can also furnish information that includes a complete parameter display for user-defined functions.

Excellent xdebug

#2 Magento Developer Toolbar

This excellent Magento module is created to find the bottleneck in all the possible processes that are taking place in the development phase. The Magento toolbar offers the developers information about the number of queries executed, memory consumption, and parse time. The utilization of the tool can also help in providing the necessary information to the developers about the module and the actions that are responsible for the current request. The extension is free and provides a complete overview of the used templates.

Magento Developer Toolbar

#3 Enhanced Admin Product Grid

As one of the best Magento development tools, the Enhanced admin product grid helps in the product search to let the customers find the desired item over the e-commerce websites. With the help of this amazing development tool, developers can create easy display options for visitors to better accomplish their search. Magento web developers can also utilize this tool to highlight many product rows. This tool is also excellent for showing the product thumbnail images in the catalog product grid.

Enhanced Admin Product Grid

#4 FireGento_Debug

The installation of FireGento_Debug on the Magento e-commerce websites helps add debugging functionality to the websites. The extensive helps analyze the list of all installed modules with all their dependencies, activation as well as deactivation of non-core modules. In addition to this, the tool is known to provide a logging interface for Chromephp, Firelogger, and FirePHP. The tool can be downloaded for free to get the benefits.

FireGento Debug
#5 Z-ray for Magento

The tool is great for developers as it helps them optimize, monitor, and debug the Magento website for outstanding performance. With the help of the Z-ray tool, developers get the ability to analyze Magento applications deeply and find out the flaws when developing the web pages. This tool offers new opportunities to the developers that include the capability of detecting, analyzing, and fixing the issues at early stages. Issues related to database queries, as well as page request analysis, can also be fixed with the help of this tool.

Z-Ray for Magento

#6 Store Maintenance

The tool is excellent for putting Storeview distinctly into maintenance mode. It is easy to configure from the backend, which reduces the efforts of hacking any files (such as index.php) on your server. Different versions of these tools have distinct features, among which the comment-adding option is noteworthy. More to it, some versions also offer the facility of a custom maintenance page to define each store. In addition, some of the versions are utilized by developers to define the list of IP addresses that are allowed to access the front end.

Store Maintenance

#7 Percona Toolkit

Having the Percona Toolkit in your Magento development toolkit signifies that you are well-updated with your database server. The Percona Toolkit is a smart collection of advanced command in-line tools that support the staff. At the same time, they perform a variety of MySQL and system tasks that are otherwise too complex to perform manually. These tools are professionally developed, tested formally, and documented completely.

Percona Toolkit


Water, an awesome testing tool, stands for web application testing in Ruby. This tool is amazing as it significantly checks the results to confirm whether expected text appears on the page. It also helps in the easy link clicks and filling in forms. As an open-source testing tool, β€œWatir,” pronounced β€œwater,” can easily be downloaded for free and used.


#9 Magetool

This excellent development tool offers the developers the chance to get additional Zend framework tools created to utilize the same when Magento website development is in progress. The tool has been created to help in reducing the number of repetitive tasks that developers perform during the development phase. By utilizing this tool, web developers get relief from switching constantly between Magento admin and MYSQL tools. Developers can simply run the command to improve the workflow significantly.


#10 Modman

Inspired by Magento, this excellent productivity tool helps users mix their extension files throughout the core code directory. With the help of this tool, the users also have the opportunity to specify the mapping of the text file in the desired directories. This tool helps maintain the symlinks so that it becomes easy for them to deploy the file code.


The above-explained Magento tools can help you gain effective information that is required by web developers before offering Magento web development services to clients. Using the listed tools can help them add creative features to the website.

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