Best Engineering Streams in India


Engineering aspirants and their parents first discuss clearing competitive exams. After clearing entrance exam, there is something all-important that needs more discussions. There are Common Entrance Exams for admissions in most of the engineering streams. But which engineering stream is good for you, is a big question. Everyone is born with different interests, capabilities, likes, and dislikes. Before making any final decision about selecting an engineering stream one should consider his/her interest and capability.

A mass of students want to take admission in top engineering colleges in India, then it becomes tough to make a decision which stream you should opt because the seat in your desired stream is not vacant. There are multiple facets that need to be considered and evaluated before the final conclusion.

In this situation, you may take help of a career counselor. Otherwise, you can give a second thought to your long-term goal and think how available engineering stream will impel you towards it? Some engineering streams require certain basic skills, interests, and passion. Placement is another factor that should be taken into consideration. Correlate all these things and discuss with parents and counselor.

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Engineering colleges in India have some of the popular engineering streams that are – Computer Science, Electronics and Communication, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Textile Engineering, Fashion Technology and Biotechnology etc.

Computer Science is opted by most of the engineering aspirants because tech India has a huge foreign investment in this sector, so more chances to get hired by MNCs. Fresh engineering graduates who have analytical abilities have more chances to get placed. If you’re among them then prepare a strong base in Java, Android, AJAX, PHP, XML, CSS, Mathematics, and Semiconductor Physics. Opportunities as a Database manager and Application developer are available so seek this as their top priority.

Electronics and Communication is evergreen engineering branch. Students who are an avid lover of Calculus, Probability, and Physics (Electromagnetics, Semiconductor, and Digital Electronics) can perform well in this niche.

E&C engineers with strong analytical ability can join telecommunication industry, hardware, and embedded system design etc. This industry offers remunerative opportunities to fresh and experienced graduates.

Civil Engineering is a core engineering branch if interested in this then you should be imaginative, and have knowledge of Geometry, Mechanics, Chemistry and Material Science.

There are lots of opportunities such as construction, planning, and maintenance etc. You can join as a construction engineer, hydraulic engineer or coastal engineer in different industries even in banks as a specialist officer.

Fashion Technology is a new branch of engineering. It has worldwide scope. A candidate should have astute skills in Drawing, Craft, Mechanics, Mathematics, Chemistry etc. An imaginative and analytical mind can perform well in this field.

In Fashion Technology students learn Pattern Design & Appreciation, Apparel Quality Management, Manufacturing Process, Technology Apparel Production, Control Production Process, Plant Layout & Facility Design, Ergonomics, Merchandising, IPR, International Business etc.

Biotechnology is a new engineering discipline. You can say it’s a sister concern to Chemical Engineering which is more specific. You’ll learn how chemistry, biology, and physics can be used together to evolve new things for humanity. This course is available in IIT Kharagpur, A premier engineering institute of India.

The biotech invention is widely used in agriculture sectors, health industry, dairy and fisheries, farming and pharmaceutical industry. There is lots of scope for those who make a career in research in this field. Software development industry has also better positions for deserving candidates.

In India most of the engineering aspirant blindly follow their elders and mass, success mantra is to opt a stream wisely and make the right start with passion. Society will not feed if you are jobless, think over that regret and disappointment for not making the right decision.


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