Top 6 Benefits of A Website for Students

Almost 2.5 billion people go online each day, and about 90% of them buy something or contact different companies within a year. In addition, thousands of people come to the websites to gather helpful information or make crucial decisions. Therefore, being without a website means depriving yourself of opportunities.

6 Benefits of a website for students

Top 6 Benefits of A Website for Students

Online store or service

Traditionally, such Internet pages are associated with online stores and organizations that provide services online. Did you ever want to earn money doing what you like? Perhaps, to create and sell something? Young people usually do not have the money to open a full-fledged enterprise. But it is very easy to start in virtual space. The website operates 24/7 without your supervision, and it does not need to be locked. You are always in your place and ready to respond to the visitor.


According to the Huffington Post, 80% of employers check candidates through Google or a similar search engine before inviting them to an interview. A personal website is the only place on the Internet that you control.

The online resume works as a recommendation letter. Highlight your academic achievements and labor experience in the specialty, if any. You do not need to list all the workplaces. Mention the brightest ones and show how companies have changed with you and what’s happening now. It is worth not stressing the unsuccessful experience.

Attach diplomas, testimonials of grateful customers. In sharing such content, you inspire confidence because you do it in full view of everyone.

Personal branding

People trust what is written in the article on the website more eagerly. It becomes a way to express your point of view without conviction – unwanted comments permanently may be erased. Here you can post reviews to films, opinions about political events, expert analyzes of well-known cases. A personal website is an excellent opportunity to create your own brand.

LiveJournal loses popularity, so content about the industry you study or work with practical secrets and life hacks will demand. Sounds difficult? All this can be implemented with a couple of clicks!

Professional portfolio

The site can be used as a portfolio. Not only photographers but writers or managers also need it too. It is helpful for students of pedagogical, legal, medical, technical, and all other specialties. And the very fact of its creation will demonstrate your skills. In addition, you can provide links for downloading and/or purchasing your works.

Some areas require knowledge of essential technical skills, such as HTML and CSS. They may supplement their study by creating a website to put your work at the forefront for potential employers.

The website for a hobby

Everyone has a hobby, but not everyone talks about it. Always stay in touch with visitors to the website, get reviews and valuable advice. If you write, you should have readers. If you are involved in sports or acting, tell the readers what difficulties you encountered and how you went through them.

The website allows you to find like-minded people, and who knows, maybe it will lead to earnings in the future. You do not need to send a drawing or a poem via messages. It is much more convenient to configure mailing. Plus, it will not hide creativity among the news and funny images.

Earnings on advertising

Popular websites, which are visited by intensive flows of users, can bring good money for placing ads. Many of them are created exactly for this purpose. But success is possible only if certain requirements are met.

Firstly, the website should be attractive, functional, interesting to your potential readers. When a user visits the website in 5-10 seconds, he often decides whether it is helpful or necessary to continue the search or navigate. Therefore, an eye-catching headline and captivating content attract readers’ attention. Also, the visitors subconsciously remember the logo and pleasant colors associated with your website.

And these are far not all the requirements. You will have to work hard, but the results justify the efforts. After all, successful, popular projects become widely known. They are discussed on forums and other services for thematic communication, thus increasing the flow of visitors.

Secondly, when your website is ready and running, how will your potential readers know about it? There are many traditional advertising ways, allowing you to report about your personality and project. They are efficient but often associated with high financial costs.

But we must not forget that today, most people look for exciting information on the Internet. Therefore, they enter search queries into the search engine, among which there are also your products or services. Therefore, most of your readers will come to the website via them. Generally, technologies that attract visitors from search engines are called SEO (search engine optimization).


There are a lot of benefits of a website for students.

  1. The need for a personal website for a student is obvious.
  2. The website can become the primary source of exhaustive information about you and your life.
  3. It will bring you many new customers, necessary for any beginner specialist.
  4. The website can become an additional source of revenue from the ads placed on it.

According to a poll conducted by LearnVest, only 15% of people born between 1980 and 2000 have their website. It attracts potential customers and like-minded people – in other words, people who are interested in your products, labor, and creative activities. Do you want to get ahead of the remaining 85 %? Then act!

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