An Ultimate Guide to AWS Certification!

Lots of businesses these days are getting influenced by AWS; so don’t you want to know more about this platform. Amazon Web Services is one of the best cloud computing platforms and they offer quality content delivery, database depository, and other active functionality to grow a business to the next level.

Amazon Web Service is an ultimate way to curtail infrastructure costs and helping out the business to pick up technology investment that offers quick results. Realizing the growing popularity of AWS, many training providers now offer courses to help learners get AWS certified. The AWS training will let in lots of career opportunities in IT sectors in and around Hyderabad and in other cities in India. Let’s have a look at the guide of a wide range of job openings available to professionals with AWS training.

1. Cloud System Engineer: A programmer expertise in C++, Python, JavaScript or Ruby will be hired to explain a complicated process to junior programmers and to design as well as implementing a new software system

2.  Support Engineer: Support engineers will be required by IT sectors to monitor, control, analyze and manage any operative problems related to the organization tooling

3. Cloud software Integrator: Computer operators would remain an integral part of a team supporting complex formation and troubleshooting work

4. DevOps Engineer: The role of a techie would remain designing AWS cloud solutions that could improve the working of a business

AWS Certification- An Ultimate Guide

Why learning AWS is beneficial for your career!

The demand for professionals in cloud computing is expected to increase in the coming years, as more enterprises are adopting cloud for their business. So it has become essential for software professionals to get their skill set upgraded by getting themselves AWS certified.

As of now, there are five certifications available that incorporate certification of accomplice and professional level. Apart from initial certification, you need to get recertified every two years. The certification will surely exhibit your skills and certifies your credibility.

Moreover, you can quickly gain access to the LinkedIn AWS community. Accomplishing credentials will open the door to better career prospects handling AWS associated projects. If you are a job seeker, AWS certification will give weight to your CV. IT professionals should get themselves certified in AWS to gain the attention of large IT sectors.

IT professionals who are looking to upgrade their skills in Amazon Web Service should go for the next level of cloud expertise by qualifying one or more test offered by the public cloud provider. The certification will boost an IT professional’s career, and this makes employers easy to hire a skilled cloud professionals.

Which AWS Certification should you go for?

Cloud experts can receive AWS certification by qualifying any one of the below examinations:

AWS Certified Solutions Associate Architect

This certification will display your skills in designing, managing and distributing applications using AWS tools in conjunction. Programmers should be able to plan and position the scalable software in AWS besides disaster recovery, apt security and troubleshooting concepts. The AWS Certification recommends hands-on experience in designing and posting fault-trough AWS system.

AWS Certified Solutions Professional Architect

To reach this certification level, it’s mandatory to complete the associate level AWS architect certification exam. Apart from that, you need to hold more than two years of experience deploying and planning AWS cloud architectures. Professionals should be experts exhibiting knowledge of complex applications in AWS including how to develop applications and optimize in AWS architecture for business.

AWS Certified SysOps Associate Administrator

Students must be knowledgeable enough to be associated with the deployment and operation of AWS architecture. The certification suggests students hold more than one year of experience in AWS system operation, also possess primary system administration skills in security and system management.

AWS Certified Developer Associate

Students must have thorough knowledge handling code-level for AWS application design, growth, and maintenance. The certification needs the applicant to have more than one year of experience handling AWS applications.

AWS Certified DevOps Professional Engineer

Students need to compete for AWS certified SysOps certified test or the AWS associate level certified developer exam additional to 2 years of experience in AWS cloud architecture. Students should grasp the concepts of continuous deployment and automation of the AWS process and should know how to execute the tool into AWS architecture.

Why taking AWS Training to achieve AWS Certification is Beneficial?

To achieve a top position in an organization, you need to have exceptional skills in like AWS solution architect and AWS developer. If you undergo AWS training to obtain certification, you will be benefited in many ways as described below:

  • The training is reasonable within your reach: When there are tons of cloud computing certified programs available, Amazon Web Service accredited program is the only one that offers certification at an affordable price. You must have enough knowledge to pass the exam. With the AWS training, you will benefit from getting promoted to a higher position in your current firm.
  • Get your salary increased: After you get a certification, you will get a hike in your salary.
  • Boost your profile: The AWS certification will boost your profile, but for that, you need to acquire theoretical as well as practical knowledge in the cloud computing field.
  • Open the door for a new job opportunity: AWS certification will increase your chance of getting hired quickly.

Job Roles that require AWS Certified Professionals

  • AWS Cloud Architect: If you have gained expertise in cloud computing with certification in AWS solution architect professional, you can get this position. The position is related to engineer and client supporting interface with technical guidance.
  • SysOps Administrator: The administrator will be liable for placing, operating and managing the software on the AWS platform.
  • Cloud Sales Manager: A cloud sales manager is responsible to generate and shape-up the future of advanced creative technology.
  • AWS networking specialist: If you have the potential to design as well as implement hybrid networking projects then this job role is the best for you.
  • AWS system integrator: An AWS system integrator should have quality knowledge in the application of AWS, cloud service, and information system.

AWS cloud solutions can help you in building an advanced cloud application with increased adaptability and reliability. An AWS certification will support and bespeak your technical cloud proficiency and skills. So, choose the right cloud computing career path. AWS certification shows a designation you have received from the cloud provider by qualifying the exam related to certain AWS products and services. Amazon is growing its service frequently, and if you get through an AWS certification test, you will be hired by top firms undoubtedly.

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