How to Add Automatic Google URL Shortener on a Blogger Blog?

This service does not work.

Many of us are looking for automatic Google URL shortener “//”. When I was reading many articles and tutorials about URL shortener, I found a solution by Mr MS-Potilas. Using the Google app engine he has created a smart way to use Google URL shortener. As a base, I am taking his code and app engine and presenting a URL shortener which includes URL short by “//”, “//” and “//”. MS-Potilas URL shortener is a little different and does not include McAfee and Cligs URL shortener. It is not very tough to use this feature/script with the Blogger platform.

Default Google URL Shortener interface on // home page

Google url shortener

Google URL shortener on your Blogger blogs with two other services
Custom Google URL Shortener

Install automatic URL shortener with //

1. Blogger Dashboard › Select a blog › Switch to Template tab › Edit HTML › Expand widget templates
2. Now search for <data:post.body>
3. And now paste the following just below this or somewhere near ‘post-footer-line-3’ at right place.

Automatic URL shortener with

<script type='text/javascript'>
    // Shorten Blogger post URLs using urltinyfy javascript API, by MS-potilas 2012
    // Updated new shortener by Vinay Prajapati, TechPrevue Labs 2013
    function loadscript(filename) {
      var scr=document.createElement('script');
    var waitElm=null;
    function urltinyfyprompt_callback(response) {
      var txt="Short URL";
      if(response.title && response.title!="") txt+=' for "'+response.title+'"';
      else if(response.longurl && response.longurl!="") txt+=" for "+response.longurl;
      if(response.tinyurl && response.tinyurl!="")
        prompt(txt+":", response.tinyurl);
        alert("Could not get short URL, try again later." + ((response.error && response.error != "") ? ("nError: " + response.error) : ""));
    function shortenUrl(elm, long_url, service) {
      loadscript(""+service+"?unify=1&url="+encodeURIComponent(long_url) + "&callback=urltinyfyprompt_callback");
    <span class='shorturls'>Short URLs:
    <a expr:onclick='&quot;shortenUrl(this, &amp;#39;&quot; + data:post.url + &quot;&amp;#39;, &amp;#39;googl&amp;#39;);return false;&quot;' href='javascript:void(0)' title='Click to get short URL'></a>,
    <a expr:onclick='&quot;shortenUrl(this, &amp;#39;&quot; + data:post.url + &quot;&amp;#39;, &amp;#39;mcafee&amp;#39;);return false;&quot;' href='javascript:void(0)' title='Click to get short URL'></a>,
    <a expr:onclick='&quot;shortenUrl(this, &amp;#39;&quot; + data:post.url + &quot;&amp;#39;, &amp;#39;cligs&amp;#39;);return false;&quot;' href='javascript:void(0)' title='Click to get short URL'></a>
    </span><span style='display:none;'><img border='0' src=''/></span><div style='clear:both'/>

4. Save the changes › Done.

How to generate // short URL?

Just click on “//” or “//” or “//” to generate respective short url for Blogger posts.,, and shortener services are not available anymore.


Url shortener is the best thing to fight with spam. It is a short and sweet way to distribute long URL over the internet especially on social media. Finally, a nice script is ready to create a short URL from “//” that was most awaited by most of us.

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