Apple Search Ads: Things You Need to Know

Apple is adapting to run their own paid ads, and they have been rolling down updates and new features regularly since the service launched. Apple search ads are a way of giving app publishers paid access to the top position in the search results of the Apple app store for iPhones and iPads.

Apple Search Ads (ASA) worked like most pay-per-click (PPC) networks. Developers who paid for ads were charged for every ad click. You can manage campaigns based on revenue metrics and track improvements over time. Along with the developers, agencies can also manage campaigns with an active Apple ID. Apple Search Ads has been around for a couple of years now, but the online advertising market is still adapting to them.

Apple search ads

How does Apple Search Ads Works?

Search Match uses your app metadata and info from other apps in the category as well as other search data to determine which search phrases will affect your ad to appear alongside organic search results. And thus, automate your keyword matching with search match.

For advanced users, Apple offers customization of targeting variables, like location or device type, manual keyword selection and ad scheduling.

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Why one should use it?

Search ads are a very effective channel for the acquisition of loyal and engaged users because 65-80 percent of all app installs originate from the app store search.

It lets you stand out from the crowd.

Apple Search Ads uses the cost-per-tap model have almost 40% lower acquisition cost as compared to other platforms.

It has a higher app store ranking.

Apple is responsible for 30% of app downloads while sharing market space with Google Play.

The settings available in Search Ads Advanced to allow you to segment and target different types of leads according to your engagement goals.

Search Ads Advanced makes it easy to clone your best performers and put them to work for you in other App Store locations.

How one should use it?

Since the app search ads use the metadata from your app listing, for the best performance you should invest heavily in ASO tactics for your app name, description and visual components of the app page. You should use campaign negative keywords to prevent your ad from appearing for irrelevant phrases.

Apple Search Ads are the only way to appear before organic results for a competitor brand name.

Apple Search Ads campaigns are limited by country, but that doesn’t mean you can’t expand your reach if your ads are effective. Search Ads Advanced makes it easy to clone your best performers and put them to work for you in other App Store locations.

Apple Search Ads are a new opportunity and a new challenge for app developers. The opportunity is clear: reaching a wider and higher-intent App Store audience than you ever could organically.

The challenge is that everyone else has the same opportunity that you do. But if you apply effective PPC techniques to the Apple Search Ads framework, that larger audience can be yours.

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