AppInstitute Review- a Largest App Builder from the UK

AppInstitute is one of the largest app builders from the UK and is seven years old in the business here already (which they are doing reasonably well as well!). The app maker already has a number of feathers in its cap including several startup awards. They believe in delivering all their projects with a ‘wow’ factor every time. Talking business, there is a lot that Appinstitute has on offer and the options are highly customizable as well. The flexibility means that the client can create an app about any industry ranging from medical centers, restaurants and much more. Apart from this, the client gets to enjoy its user-friendly interface, complete brand control, drag and drop builder and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) function. Let us know more about its details, pros, and cons.

Appinstitute Review

Details of AppInstitute

1. Easy to use

The Appinstitute is easy to use. One can easily set up their account and use it with the help of step-by-step instructions that come with it. However, the backend structure and the editor give a slightly complicated and confusing feeling.

2. Language

The multilingual feature is missing since the interface is only available in English.

3. Design, flexibility, and templates

There is only one type of template available for a variety of app categories ranging from health, restaurant to the radio. There are some templates that are better to look at when compared with others but the design options are limited and definitely need an update. A major drawback is that if one needs to change the theme, they will have to redesign the app right from the beginning.

4. Platform support

It supports iOS and Android but not Blackberry and Windows. The iPad support is available on request.


  • Appinstitute is very easy to use. It uses a drag-and-drop builder that allows the user to edit or make changes to the different elements of the app with great ease. It is a convenient process to add or delete the functions in an app and also preview it while building it.
  • The users get a complete brand control over the app when using Appinstitute.
  • The app maker has a great customer support feature. The newcomers have a ready help in the form of video tutorials to educate them about what is to be done now. It is also very easy to get in touch with the responsive team.


  • The most disappointing part of using Appinstitute is that once you decide to cancel the subscription, your app gets automatically unpublished from all the app stores it was on currently. This could also imply that the app never belonged to the user even though they designed it right from the scratch or hired a professional to do that. All the hard work is instantly lost!

Concluding the facts, AppInstitute has some great features but these often get covered due to a cluttered interface that it has. You just need to be patient when you decide to take advantage of their great support and then you will realize that they have most of the features that are good enough for a small business. Even if Appinstitute is not the best, it is definitely worth a try (when compared to its other competitors) before you hit on your new project.

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