Mr. Coffee Smart Optimal: App Driven Smart Yet Cheap Coffee Maker


Mr. Coffee Smart Optimal is the budget coffee maker that you can find in the market if you are looking for a convenient appliance that allows you the convenience of brewing your coffee from anywhere including the comfort of your bed or in your car. This programmable coffee maker uses the latest technology to ensure that your hot cup of coffee is ready anytime you need it.

Mr. Coffee Smart Optimal – A Cheap Coffee Maker

The Mr. Coffee Smart Optimal coffee making appliance comes with unique features that include:

Mr Coffee - A Cheap Coffee Maker

Android and Apple Management Apps

With Mr. Coffee Smart Optimal Coffee Brewer, you are sure of having access to all the brewing functions remotely. This smart appliance comes with a free WeMo App that is downloadable from Amazon App Store, Apple App Store or Google Play Store on any smart device. With the free WeMo application, you can connect to your Mr. Coffee Smart Optimal appliance over 3G, Wi-Fi or 4G networks and adjust the coffee maker from any point via your smart device. This automatic coffee maker is compatible with Android 4.0 or higher and Apple iOS 7 or higher versions as well as an existing Wi-Fi router.

Programming Functionality

This coffee maker model comes with all the programming functionalities that an automatic coffee maker offers coffee lovers. Its programming functions allow you to set up weekly schedules based on the time you want your coffee ready as well as reminders. The best thing about programming this coffee maker is that you can do all this through your smart device using the WeMo app.

Optimal Brewing Technology

This best cheap coffee maker is designed to use the latest technology. This brewing technology combines the artisan brewing style with the convenience that an automatic coffee maker offers. Its brewing technology alone makes Mr. Coffee Smart Optimal brewer 20% faster than other competitive coffee brewing appliances.

Double-walled Thermal Carafe

This smart coffee maker comes with a stainless steel, a double-walled thermal carafe that keeps brewed coffee hot with a fresh taste over a longer period of time. This appliance does not use a warming plate so you can be assured that your coffee will maintain its original taste for several hours after brewing. The double wall keeps the exterior parts of the carafe cool so you can place it safely on the table.

Easy and Convenient Refilling

Mr. Coffee Smart Optimal coffee maker comes with a side brew basket that is removable. This makes it easy to add grounds and filters. The fact that the brew basket is removable also makes it easy and quick to clean. Also, this smart coffee brewer has a detachable water reservoir which means that you can conveniently refill the reservoir without messing up your kitchen space with spills. This smart coffee brewing appliance is also fitted with a water filtration disk that allows you to remove chlorine and other impurities from the water as it brews. This allows you to enjoy a healthier cup of coffee that tastes better.

Optimal Coffee Flavor

Mr. Coffee Smart Optimal is an affordable coffee maker model that uses the blooming process to get coffee grounds saturated with water. This guarantees coffee lovers of great tasting coffee lover. The brewer also heats up the coffee to high temperatures of up to 205 degrees. This high temperature gives the brew a richer tasting fuller flavor.

Mr. Coffee Smart Optimal Coffee Brewer is without a doubt a state of the art appliance that guarantees superior quality coffee to users.  Even though it is not a single cup coffee maker, you can make just about any amount of coffee you wish.


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