Android Apps for Power Users: Get More from Your Mobile Device


Ahh, the power users. You probably know a few, or may even be one yourself—always pushing the mobile device to the limits.  With Android phones, you’re already getting a number of cool apps straight from the box. But, the main draw with Androids, versus their Apple-made counterparts is the customization. We’ve rounded up some apps that Android lovers will find make their portable device all the more useful:

Android Apps for Power Users

Android apps for power users


An amazing app that allows you to control a variety of phone functions straight from any web browser, read and respond to texts from your computer and more, AirDroid gives users the ease of jumping between devices without missing a beat. You can even browse files and copy data from your phone’s clipboard, use the camera remotely, all over WiFi, with no cable required.


A beloved app in the Android community, and for good reason, Tasker gives you complete control over your Android phone with extremely customized tasks and commands that make your phone work in a way that truly complements your lifestyle. Simply put, this app allows you to automatically turn your phone to silent, or turn on WiFi at a specific time each day and more. You can even create your own apps and screen overlays—it truly does it all.

Weather Live Free

Never leave the house unprepared again. Weather Live Free brings accurate weather data straight to your phone, so you’ll know exactly whether you need to pack an umbrella, sunscreen or both.


Greenify is an app designed to control other apps on your phone, as well as background functions that eat up battery power, leading to longer battery life. A real game changer for the power users constantly switching between apps, Greenify won’t launch anything unless you explicitly choose to do so. How’s that for control?

Pocket Casts

A well-reviewed option for podcast addicts, Pocket Casts brings a user-friendly interface to the world of Android podcasts (something of a rarity in this space), making it easy to find and store your favorite casts or learn something during your daily commute.

Titanium Backup

A favorite of Android enthusiasts, Titanium Backup is used for backing up app data on your Android’s external storage. Aimed more at advanced users, this app is perfect for those who want to experiment with custom ROM or for those looking to restore all applications in the unfortunate event the phone is corrupted. Great for anyone with tons of data saved on their phone—you never can be too safe, after all.

App Dialer

Finally, an option for all you folks with way too many apps. App Dialer provides a means to quickly launch any app on your device using a T9 dialer, so you’ll never be scrolling through pages and pages of apps ever again. Perhaps better yet, the App Dialer even helps you quickly sort through contacts and provides a launch/search history for fast access to your most used apps.


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