Managed WordPress Hosting: What Is It All About?


WordPress hosting is becoming more famous with each passing day. It is quite necessary for you to pay heed to this option as it might be one such thing which you would have been looking for all these days. However, most of the people are still unaware of this type of hosting. In fact, there might be many who would not have heard of this process ever before.

The first thing that would make you scratch your head while evaluating WordPress hosting is the high price tags associated with it. You need to spend around $3 to $4 per month for the installation of WordPress with the most general type of shared hosting. For more personalized and professionally managed WordPress hosting solutions from the most prominent and specialized service providers such as WPEngine, you need to spend around $30 to $250 per month. General types of hosting servers are although available at a low price but they do not match up with the features offered by the specialized WordPress hosting service vendors.

Managed WordPress Hosting

What makes the cost vary to this a large extent? Is it necessary to go for a managed hosting solution for WordPress or will the regular hosting work? These are quite obvious questions and in order to sort them, it is necessary for you to know the pros and cons of using a managed WordPress hosting option. But before trying to find the advantages and disadvantages, it is important to understand the basics of this customized hosting.

Basics of Managed WordPress hosting

There are a huge number of websites running on WordPress these days. Each of the website owners generally looks for the service vendors who offer this personalized and specialized package. In case you are using a general shared hosting package, lack of technical know-how will cause you a lot of disturbance as your website would grow. In such a distressed state, you would be left to worry about security, regular updates, website loading speed, and more.

Entrepreneurs and businessmen have two options: either to go for a managed WordPress hosting package or to recruit a system administrator. With the former one, you not only get space to manage your website but also procure access to various types of management services. The latter one would manage your websites but would charge a very hefty fee.

With a managed hosting solution, you dump all the hassles that would have otherwise crossed your mind if you were using a shared hosting package. With a managed service, you save your energies which can be thus focused on other business-related activities. Moreover, if you run a small-size business or have a website which has a huge traffic, then managed WordPress hosting is the best solution for you.

Positive aspects of Managed WordPress hosting

1. Downtime is minimized and updates are performed automatically

With this type of specialized solution, your website overcomes the risk of going down. Besides this, whenever a new update appears, or a new version of WordPress or plugins comes up, they have installed on their own automatically without your intervention.

2. Support team would be highly qualified

The support team of general hosting service vendors is generally not specialized and even do not possess enough knowledge about WordPress. However, managed WordPress hosting service vendors have a team at their back end which is highly skilled and have a thorough knowledge of WordPress. Such a team will definitely make your entire WordPress experience a more user-friendly one.

3. Rapid server speed

If you choose a managed solution, your WordPress working would start by the configuration of the server, especially for the script. This leads to a high server speed and proper management of large traffic on the website.

4. Security is increased manifold

With managed services, your WordPress websites are rendered safe from the threats of hackers. With automatic updates and installation of every latest pop up and security measures, safety and security of your website are ensured.

5. Constant backups

Managed WordPress hosting service vendors maintain a backup of your website on daily basis. This is more important if you run a large website which has a lot of traffic.

Negative aspects of Managed WordPress hosting

1. Cost

You would have certainly realized by now that a managed WordPress hosting solution costs many times more than a shared hosting. If calculated on yearly basis for minimum services with both the types of hosting, a regular shared solution would cost around $50 and managed solution would cost around $350. For an average blogger, this difference is too high. However, if compared to the salary of a system administrator, then definitely, this difference is nothing.

2. Constraints

With a managed solution, you are confined to run a website that is based on WordPress. Moreover, all plugins won’t function because the managed hosting service provider would eliminate those plugins which would tend to slow down the server speed and site loading speed. However, if we look at the positive aspect of this issue, then it is not a bad idea, as your site would be running at a very high speed. But, you would definitely be burdened with the fact that it may not be necessary that the plugins you need would be installed by the service provider; it is simply his wish to install the plugins in order to ensure high speed.

3. You do not have a direct control

It is whole-solely the service provider who manages the technical matters. You do not have any control over the management of technical aspects. Although this point is considered as an advantage by many people who are not technically sound, but for those who are well-versed with the technicality of WordPress, would definitely want to have a control over the


In all, if the website that you manage is your business, then you would definitely want it to stay on top and free from hurdles. In such a case even if you have to spend some extra dollars, it won’t make much difference as it would only aid in the betterment of your site. Shared hosting would suit you if website management is a secondary business for you.



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