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We all are aware of the growing competition in the business world, don’t we? A business has to take many different ways to market their product and services to. One of the various ways of marketing the product and services is Affiliate Marketing.

Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest ways of marketing. It is the marketing style in which the affiliate gets a reward or benefit for each visitor customer that knocks the door of the business because of their efforts. This form of marketing is purely performance-based marketing where the affiliate gets benefits as per his performance. The more he performs and gets the business customers. The more will be his reward.

One can relate the concept of affiliate marketing with “cost per action”. As the name suggests, it is the concept in which the advertiser gets paid for each action or click that happens on either on the company’s page or any campaign because of their efforts. It is one of the major sources of income for many publishers as the various efforts of the affiliates, drive in traffic on the site in huge quantity.

It is simply getting help from an external source for enhancing the actions of the site. As the efforts of the external source increase, it increases the actions on the web page, website, and on different products and services. This, in turn, increases the sales and revenue for the business.

To put a simple end on the concept of affiliate marketing, it is referring someone to buy a product or service online, and if that person buys that particular product or service because of your recommendation, you receive an award for that action.

admitad cpa affiliate network review

Something About Admitad

It is an ad network of cost per action that has taken the affiliate marketing on to the global level. It serves as the worldwide platform for the advertisers providing them with reliable sale sources along with extending new business models to publishers for monetizing the traffic based on their efforts. You can choose between the ad network or ad exchange.

Admitad CPA affiliate network is providing its users and customers with innovative, unique, and secure ways to grow their network for reaching and attracting many users for their services. Their passion for delivering their clients with a high return on investment has helped them to be associated with 1300 international brands and 540,000 publishers.

Ever since its inception in 2010, the network has its headquarter in Heilbronn is working to boost the performance of many businesses. Covering the globe with its 7 offices, Admitad working on its mission to expand its business globally. The network has been working globally with established partnerships with many international brands. The network has been working sincerely to enhance the revenue growth of the businesses.

Russia, the USA, Western Europe, the UK, and India are some of their strongest geographical locations by the network. They are working with top leading brands such as Aliexpress,, Citibank, eBay, Nike, Adidas, Target Microsoft, and others.

Top Reasons to Join Admitad CPA Affiliate Network

admitad ad banners

admitad ad banners

Admitad CPA affiliate network offers advertisers with additional revenues, ways to gain new customers, and pay for the results whereas it offers publishers with innovative products and services to monetize their traffic globally. Other than this, let us look at the various reasons why you should join them:

1. Serves as a Global platform

Admitad serves as a global platform for both the publishers as well as for the advertisers. It unites both parties together under one platform. It encourages their entry in the global market along with providing them with ways to secure, increase their revenue with optimized marketing strategies.

2. Easy User-Interface

Admitad focuses on providing its users with an easy to understand and operate interface. Its features are straight-forward and guide the users with step by step instructions.

3. Vast Variety

Admitad CPA affiliate network focuses on covering many categories of advertising to match with the client’s site. Out of the many options, e-commerce (furniture, household products, accessories, electronics), mobile, online games, services (food delivery, coupons, finance, and travel) are some of the categories that they target.

4. Suitable Payment Options

Unlike other affiliate programs, Admitad offers its users with a weekly payment model with an option to choose from different modes of payment. You can choose from PayPal, e-payment, online transfer, etc.

5. Personalization

Admitad provides its customers with the option to personalize all the services that they have chosen. It provides many options from which the users can choose the one that they like.

6. Detailed Reports

Admitad provides its users with a detailed report helping them to get a clear idea of the results of their different strategies and actions. This report can be analyzed for taking any further actions for the business.

7. Many Useful Tools

The main focus of this network is to increase the revenue and sales of the business. It comes with a variety of tools that can help businesses to achieve the desired targets. Tracking, anti-fraud, deep linking, anti-cookie are some of the various technologies that Admitad offers.

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If you want to build successful relationships between the publishers and advertisers, network quality with transparency along with providing publishers and advertisers with the most innovative and trendy tools and services for boosting their business, then, there should not be any other option than “Admitad CPA Affiliate Network” that you should choose. Overall, if you are already using Admitad for your affiliate marketing success, then do share your experience with us. Else, go ahead and join Admitad today.



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