All You’ll Need to Know about Home Security Systems


A home needs to be a secure, comforting environment for the people who inhabit it. Not just in an emotional sense, a home needs to physically secure the people and possessions it contains. As a responsible homeowner, you are therefore also in charge of your family’s well being and security. While you may have invested in insurance in terms of injury, illness and unforeseen acts of nature like floods, quakes and the like, installing the home security systems can be an excellent way to ensure your loved ones’ well being. No matter whether you are living in a safe neighborhood or locality, it is essential to make sure that you have the latest security measures to protect your home. So to help you out here’s all you need to know about choosing the right security system.

Home security systems

1. The DNA of home security systems

There are several types of home security systems and devices. Most of them consist of a video door phone in order to identify entrants into your home. Some sort of a smart lock that can be controlled only by designated users, and a camera system that enables you, via the internet to get a live stream of what’s happening in the space while you’re away at work.

2. Which one must you choose

As a homeowner, your decision about a home security system is contingent on several elements. For starters, do you live in an apartment or a standalone bungalow? If you live in an apartment located in a new housing society, chances are that there will be a closed circuit television system already installed on the premises. So a peripheral system monitoring the outdoors isn’t going to be necessary. However, if you do live in a bungalow, a more elaborate security system with motion detectors and an alarm might be a prudent course of action.

3. What you’ll need to keep in mind

Two things are going to be extremely crucial for the functioning of your home security system, first, an uninterrupted high-speed internet connection, that will need to be on 24/7. This will give you a live stream of the activity happening in your space. The second and most crucial must have for a home security system is uninterrupted electricity, without which the system is obviously going to be compromised and unable to function. A backup generator is also recommended.

4. The major components of the system

Wireless cameras, with infrared capabilities, may have seemed like an overkill in the past, but with the way, crime has evolved, they have now become a necessity. Video door phones are another important component of a stable security system. A central command console that backs up footage and is capable of transmitting the same to the police and emergency services is also extremely important.

5. Ancillary or add on components

Biometrically secured locks, that are opened by a fingerprint scan and safes built into walls or a cupboard depending on whether or not you plan to keep sensitive information or valuables in the home are all ancillary components of the system.

Thanks to technological breakthroughs and the proliferation of the high-speed internet, securing your home has never been simpler. We hope this guide is helpful for your purchase of a reliable home security system.


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