Vacations are important part of life. Planning a leisure vacation means enjoying each and every moment. Before planning any travel program with your family or friends; you must consult with frequent travelers. They will share all the experience and you can take advantage. You must pen the key points and buy essential things before packing your bags. Stay may be another concern for that you can visit a site like which will help you to book all kind of restores. If you are planning vacations at location like Alibaug then you can use keywords like Alibaug homestays, Homestays in Alibaug, Bungalows in Alibaug to search your dream resort.

Today life is blessed by technology. Tech gadgets can make your travels better than your think. Travel bags have limited space to keep all you want to carry i.e. laptop, tablet etc. But there are more common tech gadget you should buy and carry with you. These gadgets are small, light weighted and handy to keep and use anywhere.

  1. International Debit Card / Credit Card

International debit card

Plastic money has sure made our life simpler. You can pay and shop anything almost anywhere. You can withdraw money through any ATM. So must carry International Debit Card or Credit Card with you. No one knows when you need it badly. If you do so then no need to carry large amount of hard cash. It means no worry related to pick-pocketing etc.

  1. Smartphone with Wi-Fi Hotspot and Offline Maps

Smart Phone Wifi Hotspot

Smartphone can bring smile on any face. Is your smartphone is really a smart phone? Travelers should carry smartphone with Wi-Fi Hotspot and offline map. Wi-Fi hotspot will let you access internet on your laptop or table anytime. So don’t forget to recharge your data pack.

Offline maps are also necessary when you are going to a new location. This makes travel and navigation easier to right place when you don’t have internet access. Smart travelers are always equipped with this.

  1. Battery Bank / Power Bank

Power Bank Battery Backup

If you are traveling a long journey via road then it is possible to miss power sockets to charge your gizmos. Today every tech gadget needs power to work so be wise and carry power bank with you. It will help you all the time when you need it.

  1. USB, USB Hub and Data Transfer Cable

USB Hub Data Cable

USB/Pen Drive is small gadget of key size but it can carry large data. You can keep pen drive with your key ring. Along with that an USB hub and data transfer cable may become handy when need to transfer pics, docs etc. to/from different system. Mini USB cables may be more useful. So don’t forget to keep these with you.

  1. Universal Adapter

Universal Adapter With USB Port

An international traveler may understand the need a universal adapter. It is really important to keep a universal adapter in your travel kit. This is not a costly gadget and available in local market. It also comes with multiple USB ports; some of you may find it very useful because not need to carry phone/tablet chargers.

  1. Extension Board

Extension Board

It doesn’t matter you book best homestays in Alibaug, Maharashtra. You must carry an extension board with you because hotel suite may have one or two power points. This will help to use multiple gadgets simultaneously. You can use laptop while charging your power bank or mobile phone. Same time you won’t miss local news on television. This can do more than this at different location so don’t forget to keep this with you.

  1. Noise-cancelling headphones

Noise Cancelling Headphones

If you’re a frequent traveler and spend most of the time at bus stop, railway station or airport terminal then you must buy and carry a noise-cancelling headphone with you. With this gadget you will able to talk clearly without interference of noise from your vicinity. There is wide range of such headphones you can purchase according to your budget. You can check your local market or shop online. But don’t forget to compare prices before you pay and buy.

  1. Touch-Screen Friendly Gloves

Touchscreen Friendly Gloves

Traveling to/from cold north or in winter season then using your smartphone or tablet can be near impossible. Be smart and invest on capacitive gloves to keep working and away your hands from chilling winter. These are now more popular and available almost anywhere in local market or online marketplaces.

  1. Digital Camera with Rechargeable battery

Digital Camera Rechargeable Battery

If you are spending vacations then you must carry digital camera with rechargeable battery to click and save the special moments. Rechargeable battery will help you most and solve your problem of buying and changing battery. You can keep extra battery as a backup to keep clicking without hassle.

Believe this article will help to prepare your travel baggage for comfortable and memorable vacations. If you have anything else then you can leave comment.