7 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Converting PSD to WordPress Website


Earlier, WordPress was launched as a Content Management System. With every passing day, it has changed and got better every time. WordPress allows you to integrate a design that suits best for your business.

Many developers choose PSD to WordPress conversion as an efficient way to develop attractive websites with personalized features and functionalities. The reason for PSD to WordPress conversion is the excellence of both tools. Photoshop allows you to create a website design as an image and WordPress allows you to operate a website without any technical knowledge.

mistakes psd to wp website

Working with WordPress website is quite easy, but if not done correctly then it might ruin your website. Hence, following mistakes, you should avoid while designing your website.

Mistake #1 – Complex Site Navigation

Create a simple yet effective site navigation for your users. An effective navigation includes icons, group of logically created links and providing location information. Make all of your services visible in an organized manner right on your homepage and make navigation links visible in your website design.

Mistake #2 – Auto play of music or Video files

Having multi-media content on your website is a good thing, but you must take care that it should not start playing automatically as soon as a user visits your website. Your visitors might be in the library or some other place where loud music is not allowed and may result in leaving of your website.

Mistake #3 – Poor readability and Typography

Using right and readable fonts are very important. Don’t use fancy fonts which give a headache to your reader. Some websites make use of weird fonts that make hard for the reader to read and understand. Also, check for grammatical mistakes in your content. Errors in the content may degrade your reputation and drive away your visitors.

Mistake #4 – Use of inline CSS

After converting your PSD to WordPress, you might come across the use of inline CSS. If you are creating multiple similar pages, then you have to apply inline CSS everywhere to preserve its consistency. Instead, create separate CSS file and link it with your PHP file, so that changes in only one file will show effects on multiple pages.

Mistake #5 – Improper closing of tags

WordPress is based on PHP coding language, which incorporates the use of opening and closing tags. Hence, while converting PSD to WordPress, care should be taken that the PHP tags are closed properly. If they are not, then it might lead to ruining of your design and ultimately your website. Sometimes conversion does not work out to be exactly we expect. In that case, you need to check if the tags are properly closed.

Mistake #6 – Use of improperly image sizes

If you are using images on your website, then make sure you use regular size images. The images should be neither too big nor too small. The reason is too small images might not allow users to locate distinctive details of the image and too big images might take more time to load and might bog the user’s computer.

Mistake #7 – Improper linking of pages

Obviously, your website would be having multiple web pages. Hence, linking them is also important. It should provide convenience to users to easily navigate your web pages. Also, internal linking helps in generating more traffic.

As a business firm, you must be aware of the importance of a well-designed website. The website is a crucial part of your marketing campaign. A bad design may result in loss of traffic and ultimately lose your revenue. Thus, it is necessary to consider these points before starting a website. If you are not good at designing the website, then probably you should outsource this work to professional designers.



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